Saturday, December 29, 2007

Welcome to Nuzzling Muzzles

Horses have been on my mind quite a bit lately, mainly because I've got three of them in my paddock who constantly need me to feed them, groom them, train them, exercise them, and clean their stalls. It all started with a little grey Arabian colt who trotted up to my neighbor's fence to greet me each time I was out walking my dog nine years ago. He charmed me so much that I couldn't stop talking about him, so my husband suggested that I buy the colt. What? We don't even have a barn, a truck or a horse trailer!

"We can fix that," he said.

It turned out that my neighbor was in the business of breeding and selling some of the finest Arabian horses around, and she offered to board the colt for me until I was ready to move him over to my property. A little over a year later we had set up our acreage for horses. My husband suggested that our gelding (named SS Bombay after the gin because his sire's name was Khutty Sark) might like a little company of his own kind, and he gave me a blank check to pick out another horse to bring over with him. (I know, ladies, my husband is your dream husband, but this one is taken.)

That's how I ended up signing the papers for 13-year-old purebred Polish Arabian broodmare named Lostine (Enrilo x May Oui). I had always found Lostine to be stunning with her flashy chestnut color, classic dishy face, small throatlatch, and thick forelock that was often draped over one eye, but I had never dreamed that I would someday own her.

Many years later, I bought a yearling filly, GAA Gabbrielle (Sterling Bey x Subtle Diversion), in partnership with my mother, who also has an affinity for horses. We often joke about which one-third of the horse belongs to her. Gabbrielle and I connected the first time we laid eyes on one another. She stuns me with her exotic, sultry looks, charms me with her affectionate nature, and amazes me with her intelligence.

Bombay has grown into a very handsome boy, and he has a sense of humor that rivals most jesters. He enjoys sneaking up behind me while I'm cleaning the paddock, and quickly tipping over my wheelbarrow with his nose, and then cantering off throwing his head around in laughter. However, when I ride him, he gets down to business, and continually amazes me with his athleticism.

With that, you have been officially introduced to my equine friends. In future blogs, I plan to write about whatever horse experiences I have that make for entertaining reading. I am far from being a horse expert, so plenty of entertaining things happen when I am around horses. I hope you come back soon!

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