Sunday, January 20, 2008

Grooming the Mares

I prefer to groom the mares.

They simply appreciate it

more than the male horses.

These girls visibly relax all their

muscles, lower their heads,

drop their tails at the sight

of a brush or the hum of electric

clippers switched on. It’s as if

they understand that cleanliness

truly is next to godliness,

and with eyes on the sides

of their heads, they can see

their bodies becoming more stunning

with each scrub of the shampooed

sponge, each circle of the rubber

curry. Their white socks, stars, and

blazes come out of the wash bleached,

each strand of mane and tail

feels lighter with the separations

brought on by a wide-bristle brush.

Sleep is delicately wiped from

each large, black glossy eye.

Even their ice-cube teeth get

brushed, tarter removed with

human patience, equine cooperation.

Hooves are sanded smooth

then painted with polish.

Cameras snap their photographs

before each horse is cut loose

to drop to her knees, roll in

dirt and sand and manure in worship

and unstoppable celebration of

her newest fling with beauty.

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Mrs Mom said...

LOL I have one gelding here who would heartily disagree with you! ;) Sonny the Rehab Horse simply L-O-V-E-S to be curried and brushed, combed and rubbed and flat out adored.

OK, so I guess our dear boy is a bit different...LOL

My old TB mare was also one who needed to be pampered and adored. It was always fun to watch her during a good brushing- she would sigh and melt. I swear her 16+ hands would shrink down to pony level when we hit a really good spot! (It only took about 2 seconds for her to stretch back up though, when I got to her belly- she was ticklish!)

Night Owl said...

My mare only enjoys being brushed in certain spots! As for clippers, I can't get anywhere near, she hates them with a passion :-)