Sunday, February 24, 2008

Arabian Breeders World Cup

Did anyone attend the 1st annual Arabian Breeders World Cup in Las Vegas in 2007? I would be interested in hearing about your experiences there. This horse in the picture is eating the showgirl's head ornament, and I wonder how many other horses ran from it in terror?


inkeq said...

It's interesting that they had a skimpilly dressed show girl at the ARABIAN horse show. But then again it IS Vegas.

No, I didn't attend, but I too wonder how many did get a little worried about that thing on her head?

emma said...

My goodness that is hilarious!! I just added your blog to my fav's list :)

BarnGoddess said...

oh, I WISH I could have gone.....

Rising Rainbow said...

I have friends who went. They didn't mention a thing about the horses eating the headdresses. But Juan Stuckey has quite a smile on his face standing there with the show girl.

But it was halter show and I'm sure the handlers were more than happy to have the added stimulation for the horses to stand up and blow. lol

They used the new scoring system that will take effect in April of this year.

Also FYI this show is not rated by AHA or USEF. It's basicly put on by the big boys to have fun. I think maybe they're telling us to take out shows and shove them. Time will tell.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

MiKael - I thought you might know something about it. I'm thinking of going this year since I missed Scottsdale -- just a little trip to get my mother out of her house.

saharagold said...

Yes, I did attend the 2007 show. It was a great week - I was attending the Arabian Breeders' World Cup Show and the World Cup Dressage show at the Thomas & Mack during the same week!

I watched Stuart Vesty & his crew take all the pics of the winners, and none of the horses ran in fright from the showgirl's headdress.

I was very interested in the European-style scoring system they were using, and I thought it was an improvement over our US system in that you could keep up with the scores and see what the judges were looking for and at.

The only other Arabian shows I have been to were regional shows, and I had never seen this before: I was rather put off by the handlers' assistants coming into the ring with a plastic grocery bag on the end of a whip - the purpose was to shake the bag at the poor horse, and get the horse to twist, turn, run, get "hot" and look like the "crazy Arabian" that other horse owners complain about. That really turned me off. Why can't we just let them be their beautiful, glorious selves without all the grease and dramatics?

It was a kick to see all these handlers and breeders that I read about in the Arabian Horse World magazine. I particularly appreciated the international judges' panel.

My absolute favorite part of the show was when they invited the audience down on the floor to "meet & greet" the champions after the judging was over. I got a kiss from Enzo! I wish someone with a camera had recorded the moment for posterity. I'll never forget it. It was awesome to see some of the horses, and Dakharo was a sight to behold. Regal and deserving of his unanimous championship.