Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Light for Stalls with No Electricity

Last summer I picked up a couple of these Sylvania DOT-its at the local feed store to put in my horse stalls. I don't have my barn wired for electricity, and in years past I used flashlights when I needed to enter the stalls at night. The problem with that is trying to lay the flashlight on the ground in such a location where you can still see what you are doing while keeping your hands free to attach horse blankets. Inevitably, the flashlight would roll into a bad position or get buried. My husband then purchased a large portable floodlight that could sit on the ground on a base, however it had to be constantly recharged. We are limited with a small number of electrical outlets in our house that need to be used for other things, so every time that I needed to use the portable floodlight, the battery was dead. These DOT-its were affordable, so I thought I'd take a chance and see if they work out. I put some batteries in the back and pushed the button in, but could barely see the light. I doubted they would be helpful, but stuck them up high in the stalls anyway.

Since I purchased them in the summer, I really had no need for them at the time. The summer sun sets very late in the evening. I quickly forgot about them. Now with softball and baseball season starting, my husband and I are spending a lot of time driving the kids here and there, which messes with our scheduling. Last night I got home after dark and found three horses running around in the paddock anxious to be let in their stalls and fed. My daughter and I headed out there, let the horses into their stalls, threw them their flakes of hay, and then we each stepped inside of a stall to put a blanket on a horse. "I can't see anything," my daughter said. "How am I going to get the blanket on the horse if I can't even see the horse?'

I suddenly remembered the DOT-it, and reached up to turn mine on. The light filled not only my stall, but the stall my daughter was standing in too. She got excited and reached for the DOT-it in her stall, which lit things up even further. I was impressed. The light wasn't so glaring that it blinded us and projected shadows that spooked the horses. It was subtle, yet powerful enough to do the trick. What amazed me even more was that both the batteries and the lights themselves held out through six months of extreme temperatures until we needed to use them. Thanks for being there, Sylvania. DOT-its sure beat flashlights, rechargeable floodlights, and striking a match.


Callie said...

They're cool.....I use one in my hay shed. works good too

Rising Rainbow said...

That's good to know. I don't have a light in the tack room on my horse trailer (how silly is that).

Twinville said...

Thanks for your great product review!

Our barn actually has electricty, but we have flourescent lights up there and they don't work if the temps get below 30 degrees.

So I bought a couple of battery operated folding camping lanterns at the end-of-season clearance for $4.00 each.

They allow me to walk up the hill in the dark and hang the lanterns up on the wall from the lantern's metal hanging hook. They work really well and only use 3 C batteries.

I'll check out the Dot-Its though. It's always nice to have back-up light sources.

BarnGoddess said...

it looks handy!

I need one in my hay/run in shelter barn.

Ill have to look, hubs told me to buy something solar...easier said than done Im afraid

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, thanks for this! I have the same problem you do--no lights in the stalls and trying to put blankets on while "holding" the flashlight between my knees can be quite the challenge. I'm looking for these!


Nuzzling Muzzles said... shows locations where you should be able to buy DOT-its. The sticky material on the back only sticks to certain surfaces, so if it doesn't stick for you, try rubber cement or wood glue.

photogchic said...

Always wondered how well those worked...good idea and product review (maybe they will be nice and send you some free ones:-)

emma said...

What a BRIGHT idea...hehehehe. ;)

Scary said...

Ooh, never heard of them. Good idea.