Saturday, March 22, 2008

Life is Good

My arms are sun burnt, my lips are chapped, my legs are shaking, my hair is stuck to my sweaty head, I desperately need a shower, and I'm in heaven, because I got to spend all day outside with the horses. I probably spent three of those hours just shoveling manure, but I did get to ride Lostine. Nothing interesting to report there except that she tried to scare me by taking off at a canter right when I was adjusting my stirrup at the trot. I think she's learning that there isn't much she can do to scare me anymore. She likes to launch into the canter with a buck, which I usually correct with a snap of the riding crop on her hip. However, today I took a different approach by ignoring all of her springtime antics. It seemed to work, as she was moving like a team member by the end of our lesson. The horses are always on their worst behavior coming out of winter.

First thing in the morning I shoved Lostine's poop-stained winter blanket into the washing machine, but forgot to adjust the water level, so water and soap overflowed onto the garage floor. Thankfully the flood was sopped up by a paper towel roll that just happened to be in its path. I was able to get away with just hosing down Bombay and Gabbrielle's blankets. Since the sun stayed out all day, the blankets were dry by night time. I don't dare attempt to put them into the dryer anymore. They are just too heavy.

While I was shoveling manure the horses surrounded me and kept pestering me by poking me with their noses and trying to tip over the wheelbarrow. I brought out three huge plastic bags and laid them on the ground around me to keep the horses away so I could finish my work. Call me crazy, but I decided to leave the bags out there while I rode Lostine. Of course, a wind came out of nowhere and started blowing the bags around while I was riding her. She pricked up her ears, but didn't spook. Bombay and Gabbrielle seemed more entertained than frightened by the bags blowing around. That's a good thing. If I ever take them out on the trails they will need to be comfortable with trash blowing around.

After worming the horses, I spent some time reading through MiKael's Mania, studying the series on Mike Neal's halter training methods. I worked on getting Gabbrielle to lick and chew, and then tried the belly band technique. She carefully moved in each direction to test how far she could get, but didn't struggle. For the most part she stood patiently. I gave her some praise and cut her loose.

I also took some new pictures of the horses, because I've been draining my old photo stash dry with this blogging. Of course, the horse that I washed most recently is the horse who looks the dirtiest. Most of the snapshots I got were close-ups of horse eyes, because Bombay and Gabbrielle kept trying to eat my camera.



misha said...

You have such pretty horses!!!! I really like how u take close up pictures of their eyes. it's really pretty

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh can I relate to blogging eating up the stash of pictures. I'm going to need more hard drive or something to hold all these darn things. lol What is it with horses wanting to investigate cameras anyway. Noses or eyes seem to be the best shots I can get too unless I have help. lol

Glad you got to spend a day with the horses. I spent most of mine weeding. YUK! It just doesn't compare to your day at all!!

Twinville said...

What a fabulously perfect day spending time around your horses!
I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it so much.
I, too, spent several hours sitting out with my horse, Baby Doll, just reading a magazine (or trying to) and giving scratches to her while enjoying the warm day.

Here's to more of those wonderful beautiful days spent playing with the horses!

Happy Easter!

Emma the Golden Girl said...

and her Mom said,
Thanks for sharing the day with your horses. It sounded wonderful to me.
I loved the close up picture of the eye.

Chris said...

I too am running out of photos for my blog - terrible, isn't it! I love the close up of your grey :D

Don't you just love horses feeling fresh? We're just coming into autumn but it has been unseasonally hot and my horse is feeling good on account of cooler weather... I just can't seem to get through a jumping session without a couple of bucks thrown in after jumping a small jump twice it's height!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Misha - Thank you. I am ashamed to say the I did pick my horses partly based on their looks.

Rainbow - If you've got weeds already, you are ahead of us in springtime fun.

Twinville - I'll bet you learned something spending all that time sitting with Baby Doll.

Emma & Mom - Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

Chris - Thanks. Bucking is a pain. I feel it in my back hours later.