Sunday, March 9, 2008

Look Who Came to Visit

The previous owners of our house built a spa room, but didn't build the deck high enough to keep the spa off the ground. Every winter the ground underneath our house swells up with water, and pushes the spa several inches up out of the deck. Various components underneath the spa get disconnected, so it cannot be used. As a result, I've been using the spa room as a tack room. I store horse blankets and tarps in the spa underneath the spa cover.

Yesterday I walked into the spa/tack room and saw a gray blur slink into the gap between the spa and the deck. I worried that it might have been that semi-wild dwarf bunny that had been living under my haystack. I had left the door to the spa room open, so it could have hopped in, and then jumped down the hole to escape me. However, if it was the bunny, there was no way it could get out from underneath the spa. I contemplated gathering people to help me lift the spa out of the deck so that I could save the bunny.

However, today I walked into my bedroom, looked through the glass door into the spa room, and this is what I saw...

He seemed to be waiting for someone to open the door, so I left it open all day so that he could get out. He managed to tip over a feed bucket and eat the dregs of some bran while visiting us.


Callie said...

Aaaww, cute, wish I those instead of opossums!

Anonymous said...

Be careful--squirrels can be VERY destructive.


Rising Rainbow said...

Yes, I agree with Ann squirrels can be very destructive. I have first hand experience.