Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Recipe for a Dramatic Breakfast

  • Take 3 horses that have been in their stalls all night and have not eaten since 6:00 PM.
  • Add a lot of wind creaking the rafters and coming in large gusts to stir up dust.
  • Enter stall of youngest horse first, halter her, and lead her to her outdoor pen.
  • Watch while she bolts, jumps, bucks and rears as soon as you release her.
  • Note that the other two horses still in their stalls react by kicking their stall walls and trying to jump through their windows.
  • Carefully enter the stall of the dominant mare, halter her, and lead her past the hay tarp that is whipping in the wind.
  • Praise her for keeping her cool, and release her.
  • Watch while youngest rears up repeatedly at the dominant mare to challenge her for the right to be served breakfast first.
  • Wish you had your camera so you could get a picture of it with the gorgeous sunrise lighting.
  • Carefully enter the stall of the nervous gelding, halter him, adjust his blanket, re-attach the leg strap he stepped out of during the night, lead him to his pen, and release him.
  • Watch while he bolts, kicking out to the side, left then right, right then left while galloping to his food trough.
  • Watch while youngest backs her rear into the railing with her ears pinned back, threatening to kick even though she knows very well that she would only be hurting herself by kicking a railing.
  • Throw each horse a flake of hay in the order of calmest horse to most excited.
  • Finish your cup of coffee and relax.


Rising Rainbow said...

sounds like they put on a great show. lol

Jackie said...

What fun! Feisty horse antics make life more interesting, as long as nobody gets hurt.

Twinville said...

I'd need more than a cup of coffee to relax after all of that excitement. haha!

I like my mornings a little more sedate.

Bet it was all pretty impressive watching your beautiful horses put on such a spirited show, though.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Ha ha. I suppose that drinking caffiene and relaxing are a contradiction in terms. I usually just have such a hard time trying to finish anything that I started because of all the interruptions and craziness that goes on at my place. Almost always, when I try to get a quiet moment with my horses, someone phones and gives us bad news and the person who took the call comes running out of the house to inform me of the bad news, and then I have to leave my quiet moment with the horses to deal with this new problem. On and on it goes. Some day I want to rip my phone cord out of the wall because no one ever calls with good news. I am kind of the appointed problem-solver in our family and at the office, so I don't get much rest.

Callie said...

Mine are always spinning while waiting for breakfast, especially if I'm running a bit late....LOL

BrownEyedCowgirls said...

That internal clock is something isn't it? My old mare is a talker. She pushes on the fence, sucks up her gut(or tries), looks pitiful and worried and talks and talks. Her son who is in the next paddock is also a talker, but he is just belligerent about it and now she has the gelding on her other side talking a little. I never used to hear a peep out of him.
I guess this is why we all blog one but another horse person could understand.