Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One Month Old and Already into Heavy Petting

The other day I visited the farm where Bombay was bred. The breeder had a one-month old colt. She invited me into his pen. I used to board Bombay on her property, so I was familiar with the various foals she bred. Most often she had young fillies that took a lot of coaxing to get near. I expected this colt to shy away from me and hide behind his mother. However, this little guy marched right up to me and stuck his lips into my face as if kissing me. I petted his head gently while the breeder talked to me. Eventually, the colt got bored with the head petting and started taking nips at my hands. I stepped away, he got in my face again, and then nipped at my hands.

I didn't want to keep stepping away from the colt, because I was teaching him that he is dominant over me. I decided to give him a back rub where he couldn't get to my hands with his teeth so easily. That little guy stood there while I massaged him all over his body. At one point I started scratching his chest, and he lifted one little front leg up then down, then lifted the other little front leg up then down as if prancing in place. It was the cutest thing.

When my arms got tired from all that rubbing, scratching, massaging, and petting, he wandered over to his breeder, took her sleeve in between his teeth and started a tug-o-war like a puppy would. This little horse was actually shaking his head back and forth while tugging on her sleeve. The breeder didn't mind one bit and went on talking as if nothing was going on. We bid our adieus and I headed off in the opposite direction with my arm around the little colt who was walking beside me. "WE will see you later," I said. "I'm taking this guy home with me." Of course, I left the colt with his mother, but was more than pleased to make his acquaintance.


Callie said...

Oh so sweet!

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm glad you didn't let him push you around, you're right about it not being good to move your feet for a horse, even a baby one. lol

Twinville said...

What a wonderful experience with such a little one. Sounds like he'll grow up to be a pocket-pony...as long as he learns a bit of respect for human space first. hehe