Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hittin' the Road

Just a quick post, so that no one worries... I'm hittin' the road tomorrow morning and won't be able to post again until next week. I'm taking my mother on a short vacation to Santa Barbara, California, where we will attend an Arabian horse show and whatever else suits our fancy. She's been bugging me for quite some time to take a two-week cruise with her to some foreign country, but the idea of being crammed onto a floating vessel with a bunch of other people, some of whom are probably contagious with something, has never appealed to me. Plus I can't be away from my home, family, and pets for more than a few days without all hell breaking loose. So, I'm trying to quench my mother's thirst to wander by taking her on a short jaunt.

When I return I should have plenty of material to share. I'm taking my camera and tape recorder just in case I meet some people who will be interesting to interview. My son helped me make up Nuzzling Muzzles business cards to hand out, so that I can direct people to the website where they can find their pictures and stories.

When I was in college, people in the journalism department kept trying to recruit me, but I told them I was more interested in creative writing than in reporting news. When I had my job as a parenting educator, I had my own newspaper column called, "The Parent's Corner." I recall the editor of the paper asking me if I'd be interested in a position as a journalist, and again I said I was more interested in creative writing than reporting the news. Now that I'm older and obsessed with the news, I'd love to have a job as a journalist. This blog helps me feed that desire.

Until next week... Take care.


Rising Rainbow said...

Have fun at the horse show. I love Santa Barbara. It's a beautiful city but I wouldn't want to live there. Too hot for me......but I sure hope to go show there sometime.

Pony Girl said...

Have a great time in Santa Barbara! I would love to visit there. I can't wait to read the stories about the people and horses you meet.

Twinville said...

I did some journalism free-lance work in SC. Was a lot of un, but I, too prefer the creative writing a bit more. But at least the journalism is helpful when you've got writers' blok! hehe

Have a fun and safe trip. Can't wait to hear about your traveling experiences, and if your horses missed you, when you get back!

Abraham Lincoln said...

It should be interesting to see where you went and what you photographed.

Callie said...

Have a safe and fun trip! Looking forward to what you'll be sharing when you're back!

Shirley said...

Hope you have a great vacation; my husband wants us to go on vacation, but we're not quite done with breeding season yet. Maybe soon!

Flying Lily said...

Have a wonderful time! I hope they find you another room with 2 beds - these things often happen at the last minute.

BarnGoddess said...

woohoo a road trip!

have a very good time :)

I am w/ ya on the cruise thing, I never wanted to go on one either...and that always made me feel weird because everyone goes on cruises.

fvclassic said...

santa barbara's a great place... happy travels and be safe

gp in montana

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Nice horsey blog.

Love the subhead statement.

My own horses seem to multiply like (well) rabbits . . . so I know the feeling. ;-)


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