Friday, May 9, 2008

Horse Paintings by Karen Brenner

Karen Brenner recently introduced herself to me through email, and I felt that her website deserved some special attention. The subtitle of her site reads, "Capturing Beautiful Moments in the Lives of Horses." The beautiful paintings the she creates out of those beautiful moments are amazing.

I am by no means an art expert. I tried my hand at painting years ago, but discovered that I had no talent and was too lazy to clean up afterwards. Then I tried fashion design, which turned out to be a disaster. I still have all the clothing I designed hanging in my closet and am too embarrassed to wear it. My fashion design sketches left a lot to be desired as well. In recent years I have been doing fabric art, which is much more forgiving. I like to use bright colors with my quilts, so I am naturally attracted to Karen's paintings. Her black horses are not just black, but purple and blue. Her white horses are not just white, but carry shades of pink, red, orange, blue and violet as well. The bright colors compliment the energy of a horse.

Karen has an eye for what movements and poses would look good in a photograph, which is followed by a painting. Check out her commission process, as she can paint your horse. Though she herself owns three quarter horses and an Andalusian, she gives equal attention to various breeds of horses in her gallery of paintings.

I think Pony Boy is awesome, and her work was included in his book, "Of Women and Horses -- More Expressions of the Magical Bond" as well as several magazines and art exhibits. She has a coffee table book titled "Beautiful Moments in the Lives of Horses." She currently lives in Wooster, Ohio and is a member of the Equine Art Guild. Don't you love it that there is a guild specifically for equine art?

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BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I love her work!!
Her combination of impressionism and realism is amazing.
Often I have tried to loosen up and capture that "mystical" look but alas-I am a photo realist painter and cannot seem to let my imagination soar the way I would like.
So I admire people who can and do.