Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Roy Yates Horsemanship Clinic

Has anyone ever attended a horsemanship clinic presented by Roy Yates? He will be coming to a ranch just down the road from me this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It costs $150 per day to ride and $50 per day to watch. That's a bit steep for me, so I wanted to see if anyone has any comments on his clinics before I part with my wallet. Did you learn a lot? Are his clinics fast-paced or is there a lot of standing around? Is it worth it to sit in the sun for hours on end as a spectator? It's supposed to be 90-degrees this weekend. Help, please.


Mrs Mom said...

Sorry NM, I have not heard of him. Seems like there are sooo many clinicians out there these days, I have a very hard time keeping up with them. Maybe a search (Google, or Yahoo?) would turn up some info for you?

Worth a look anyways!

Stay cool this weekend... and keep hydrated!

onthebit said...

I have never heard of Roy Yates so this comment is a bit off topic. I came by to "drop off" the "I heart your blog" award to you. Swing on by my blog to pick it up and pass it on whenever you get the chance. And $50 for an audit is CRAZY! I am going to audit a clinic this Sunday myself with a former Olympian in conjuction with USDF and it is only $25!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

mrs mom - That's the problem. A general search turns up just his website, and now that I've put up a post, a search against blogs just turns up my website. I even searched Amazon for his books and DVDs, and all that showed up was stuff about Roy Rogers. So, it looks like the information is going to have to start here.

onthebit - Thank you for the award and the input on the price.