Monday, May 26, 2008

Santa Barbara Horse Show III

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There were hunter classes...

The braiding and beading on some of those manes and tails was impressive.

There were English classes...

My mother was obsessed with the length of some of those tails. I explained that some groomers install hair extensions, while some do a good job of caring for the natural tail so that it stays long and lush. There are still more pictures to come...


Rising Rainbow said...

It is against the rules for Arabians to show with hair extensions. It is legal in the paint, appy and QH circuits I'm told but not the Arabians.

While I'm not going to tell you that people don't do it, I've never actually come across anyone who has. Most of the time you'll see those horses when they're not in the ring with their tails up in funny looking pouches. Learning how to braid them and not pull out any hairs is a real art that I haven't quite mastered.

You can usually tell the horses that have had their tailes protected in that manner for years and years because the part that get protected ends of being all one length and doesn't look "natural" with a more staggered growth pattern.

It used to be that all Arabians were shown with those really long tails like that but over the years it seems only the english riders have reall stuck to that practice. Maybe because their classes are smaller and there's not the big problem of those tails being stepped on by other horses, or the horses who are required to back stepping on them themselves.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Thanks for clearing that up, MiKael. I could see a change in the hair line of the tails, so some of them looked like they had tail extensions, but it was probably just the point where the pouch protection ended. The coloring of the tail even looked different, but that was probably because the protected part of the tail didn't get any sun.

Twinville said...

Those braided manes and tails were beautiful. I want to 'play' with braiding my own horse's tail just for fun soon.

Great pics.