Thursday, May 29, 2008

Santa Barbara Horse Show VIII

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There was a special ceremony to honor horses that had spent many years of their lives training people to ride. Each horse had a garland of flowers around its neck and was ridden either bareback or in a saddle by a child. The announcer identified each horse by the color of its garland and told us the horse's name and history.

The horse with the rainbow garland was retiring on the day of the ceremony. My mother and I were touched by the way in which the organizers of this ceremony went to such great lengths to respect these horses for their service.


ell said...

That is very very cool! They deserve nothing less, these amazing horses who take such good care of our kids!

Flying Lily said...

How sweet and appropriate - and we should all do this more often,

Rising Rainbow said...

Those look like some pretty happy kids to me! They are blessed to have had such horses in their lives.

ranchette said...

What a great idea. I'm glad the show took the time to recognize these great caretakers. They are worth their weight in gold. Thanks for sharing all the pics -I've been enjoying them all week.