Monday, June 9, 2008

Angi & Tracey

The first thing I did upon arriving at the Western States Horse Expo was to visit the Mustang stables. I found Angi and Prosperity's stall. Prosperity was there, but not Angi, so I left my card. Here's a picture of their poster:

And here's Prosperity:

Though I did see a few Mustang Challenge participants in a pre-show that narrowed 29 down to 10, I didn't see Angi and Prosperity until the Mustang auction. As forewarned, the pictures didn't come out well, because the arena was too dark and my digital camera could not focus.

Here is Angi talking with Chris Cox and the wonderful woman who helped so many trainers buy their Mustangs back during the auction:

Each time I stopped by Tracey and Sandy's stall, neither of them were there, so all I got were blurry photos of them at the Mustang auction.

I know that some of you were excited to see their photos in particular, so I posted them first. I plan to put up more posts about the top 10 at the Mustang Challenge, what I learned from the clinicians, what I bought from the vendors, and much, much more. Stay tuned.


Pony Girl said...

I imagine it must be SO neat to see these ladies and their mustangs in person, after reading and following their journeys on their blogs!! Can't wait to hear more!

photogchic said...

So cool you got to go to that...thanks for giving us an update:-)

Callie said...

Sounds like you had just as much fun as I did at the Midwest Horse Fair and Mustang Challenge! Looking forward to hearing more!

Rising Rainbow said...

It doesn't surprise me that you didn't find Tracey and Sandy at the stalls. From the sounds of her post, she spent a lot of time at the arena getting Sandy used to the area he was going to be asked to work in.

Twinville said...

What a fantastic once in a lifetime experience! Lucky you!

Is it just me or is the angle? Prosperity looks like her head and nose are so loooong!
What a pretty girl, though.

So, what did you buy from the vendors?! I didn't see it mentioned in recent posts.