Monday, June 30, 2008

Only on a Tuesday

I have this saying... well, it's more like a raging rant. The neighbors often hear me yelling, "ONLY ON A TUESDAY!!!" But what I really mean is, "Only on a Monday night."

The full meaning of the statement is that Murphy's Law only happens to me on a Monday night when I'm too exhausted from work to deal with problems and won't have time to deal with them the rest of the work week until Saturday, and only after I have had a very, very long Friday night's sleep when I don't have an alarm busting my rear out of bed at 6:00 in the morning. Also, historically, Tuesdays have been my unlucky day. Nothing good ever happens on a Tuesday... or a Monday night for that matter.

So on this Monday night I actually had the energy to ride a horse after work. I strutted outside in my helmet all proud of myself for actually riding on a week night, and right off the bat I got whipped in the face by the flying corner of a hay tarp. Being inside all day, I did not realize that we were having very high winds. I watched the dirt and sand blowing across the paddock and round pen, and decided to spare the horses from the ride and let them stay huddled together next to the barn, which they were using as a windbreak.

As I was petting them I got the feeling that something was wrong with Bombay. There was nothing visibly wrong with him -- he just had this look in his eye. I began examining him and when I reached his right hind end, I found a long, fat scrape down the length of his leg. It had been bleeding, but was mostly a shallow scrape that took off the fur and first few layers of skin.

I cleaned it up with soap and water, which stinged him mercilessly, as he lifted his hoof off the ground and kept kicking out behind him. Then I sprayed some Betadine solution on it, and followed it up with a blast of AluSpray.

AluSpray is something my vet gave me after he surgically removed some melanomas from Bombay. It behaves as a liquid bandage and keeps the dirt out and the flies off the wound so that it can heal without getting infected. It leaves behind a pretty sparkling silver paint job, and sure beats vet wrap, which Bombay is in the habit of ripping off in ten-seconds flat.

I was walking around the paddock looking for what Bombay could have cut himself on. I walked around the horse trailer and almost hit my head on this...

The strong winds had blown my horse trailer window open and it fell onto a fence post and shattered. I spent the next hour picking up shards of glass. I thought perhaps Bombay had been hit in the leg by a flying shard. He also has a habit of picking up things like sticks and scratching himself and the other horses with them. I suppose he could have done the same thing with a shard of glass. It's most likely that he bolted when he heard the glass breaking and fell down. He can be quite clumsy when he's lost his mind.

I let myself into the round pen with a garbage can, making sure I latched the gate behind me, and sat on the ground picking up glass. I suddenly became aware of snuffling behind me. Before I could turn to see what beast had found me in a vulnerable position, I felt three muzzles gently poking me in my hair, on my shoulders and my back. Soon Gabbrielle was cheek to cheek with me. "How did you guys get in here?" I said. Sure enough, they jimmied the gate latch and let themselves in. They came up so quietly that I didn't hear them until they were on top of me. It's good to know that your horses won't stomp you when they find you sitting on the ground, but will just nuzzle you gently.

Over the weekend I get to search for my trailer part warranties and see if my windows are still covered. This particular window has been faulty since I bought the trailer. The latch wouldn't stick, so I had to keep it closed with duct tape. However, I recently removed the tape because I needed to open the window. But seriously... if it was going to happen, it couldn't have happened any night of the week other than Monday night. That's when Silly, Humbling, Irritating Tricks happen.


ranchette said...

Poor Bombay. Glad he wasn't hurt more seriously. I love the Aluminum spray stuff - my vet recommended it for my gelding when I first bought him and he had some recurring bouts with scratches.

Be careful out there. Tuesday's almost here.

photogchic said...

What a freak accident! Hope he heals nicely. I love that Aluspray..great stuff.

Twinville said...



You are one clever girl!! :D

Sorry about the broken window and missing an evening good ride. That stinks!

Sounds like your sweet horses knew you were having a rough day. I bet those 'Nuzzling Muzzles' helped cheered you up.

Flying Lily said...

Oh my what an aggravation, but your horses came and comforted you didn't they? Hope Bombay's scrape is minor & heals up fast.

sue said...

I am so sorry about your trailer and poor Bombay... but in a way, it was a "lucky" Monday night, because you discovered everything before things really got out of hand!!!! Give him a "kiss" for us and a speedy recovery and best wishes for "replacement" of trailer parts.... BTW... I loved your barn tour!!! In building our new barn, I loved seeing what ideas folks came up with and why they chose the ideas that they did.... because of that, I was able to incorperate many of those in my barn.... I feel I got the best of all worlds.... I also asked tons of questions and listened carefully to "what I would do differently if I could"... learned lots of wonderful ideas that way as well....course, the proof will be "in the puddin' " once we move in and make it all begin to work....

Callie said...

Hope Bombay heals well, poor buddy. How sweet that they snuck up behind you to say thanks for cleaning the glass. What sweeties!

jesterjigger said...

Boy, you weren't kidding about "Tuesdays"! I hope Bombay's ok, and you get the trailer window sorted out. Overall it sounds like a sucky day, but at least you didn't get stomped on!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Dang-when it rains it pours. Nothing that can't be fixed though-glad you found the broken window before the ponies did.

Better luck for the rest of the week :)

Twinville said...

Well, I hope this brightens up your week:

Come visit my blog "Laughing Orca Ranch" and pick up the award I nominated you for! :)

Pony Girl said...

So much for Wacky Wednesdays and Freak Fridays!
That was a scary finding!! I am so glad that Bombay is okay. The spray stuff looks great. Does it eventually wear off?

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Pony girl - It does eventually wear off like a sticky powder, flaking off a little at a time. I sprayed some on him Monday night and it is now Thursday morning, and it hasn't shown any signs of wearing off yet. It's so nice to not have to keep reapplying it. If he had a deeper cut, I would wash it off to treat the wound more often.

fvclassic said...

well t.g. i. (almost) f. :)

be safe all
happy trails
gp and gazi in montana

Crystal said...

I love Alu Spray. We can it "Scab in a Can".