Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Western States Mustang Challenge Finals

The stands were packed for the Western States Mustang Challenge Finals & Auction on June 7, 2008. The top 10 finalists all came out into the arena together. My son immediately pointed out the lady in the purple shirt. "I want her to win," he said, "because she's dancing."

Sure enough Corinne Elser from Burns, Oregon was dancing up a storm in her saddle while her Mustang, Dolly, didn't mind one bit. Her energy was infectious. During the portion of the show where each finalist came out to show what he or she could do, Corinne and Dolly herded a cow.

Chris Cox was the announcer along with Patty Colbert. John Lyons along with others judged.

Some horses pulled heavy items such as tires or logs.

Many riders carried flags.

Some Mustangs jumped, though all my jump shots came out too blurry to keep, so here's just a picture of a horse walking past a jump.

Madelyn Wagner of Valley Center, California asked her Brownie Scout Troop what the theme of her presentation should be, and they chose "recycling". Her horse, Handy Hank, side-stepped a pole and cantered wearing a breastplate and skirt made out of soda cans. As a finale, Madelyn stood on the horse's back. The bidding got quite high on this horse, as the audience was convinced that the horse was fully broke, and it was not just a matter of the trainer having total control.

Matt Sheriden of Tehachapi, California and his horse Luna roped, danced and jumped together.

Matt Eric Zimmerman of Adrian, Oregon and his Mustang, High Rock Ali, walked up a step while he stood on her back and then did a flip dismount.

This Mustang pushed around a great big green ball.

The line up at the end of the show was full of show-offs.

Corinne and Dolly, my son's favorites, ended up winning the show. Wait a minute... isn't she riding the wrong way?

These stuffed ponies were thrown into the audience from a truck. My son caught one and sweetly gave it to me. The pony is wearing a bandanna advertising the Bureau of Land Management's Wild Horse and Burro Program.



Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, it's impressive what those people got done in just ninety days.

Pony Girl said...

You got some great pictures! Amazing what those riders have accomplished with their Mustangs. Makes me want to work harder with my gelding!
I love the stuffed pony, I'm such a sucker for stuffed animals! ;)

Twinville said...

How fun! Congrats to your son for catching that cute horse! What a nice momento from your amazing trip.

I'm amazed with all that those riders have taught their mustangs to do and tolerate. Wow!
That one horse with all the cans does not look happy, though.

I'm so glad that Corinne and Dolly won! Yay! My horse's barn name is Dolly, so I have a soft spot. hehe