Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Western States Mustang Challenge Pre-Qualifiers

The judges narrowed down 29 contestants to 10 in Mustang Challenge pre-qualifiers. On Thursday morning there was an in-hand challenge and on Friday morning there was an under saddle challenge before Friday night's Mustang Challenge finals and adoption. What made these events so special was that these Mustang horses were out in the wild 120 days before the show, and each of these horse trainers took on the daunting task of training these wild horses so that they could live longer under the care of either themselves or the highest bidder for their horse at the auction.

Many trainers went beyond teaching their wild Mustang to accept the human touch and accept a rider. Many taught their horses tricks, jobs such as herding cattle, and some even took their horses to a level where they were capable of performing in parades in costume. Below is one Mustang accepting a strange dismount off his hind end. How many of our hand-raised horses will allow us to do this?


Rising Rainbow said...

That is an interesting dismount. I wonder how she taught the horse that one. lol

Twinville said...

wow! I want to know how she trained that horse to accept that dismount.
I wonder if she was nervous the first time she slipped down over that mustang's butt. Wow.....

I think my Baby Doll would probably let me do that, too. But I don't think I have the guts to try.