Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes at the 2008 Region III Championship Horse Show, my daughter and I visited horses at the barns.

This row of horses seemed very interested in everyone who passed by.

We stopped to check in on our neighbor's horse, and she was snoozing.

After petting some horses, I had oil all over my hands. We ran across this stall licker, and he cleaned them for me.

We also found a cribber.

This horse pinned his ears back at us. Upon closer inspection, I saw that he had an open sore on the corner of his lip.

He had one on the other side too. It looked like he had been wearing a bit that was too small and pinched, plus the rider probably was pulling on the reins too much. Poor guy. He warmed up to us after we gave him some sympathy.

Further down, I found a horse with thick leg wraps and what looked like metal zip ties on the tops of his hooves. I wondered what that was all about. I'm guessing he was a Country English horse and it was some trick to get him to step higher. Those hooves were mighty tall.


Train Wreck said...

How great to go behind the scenes!Other peoples way of "treating" their horses can be puzzling! I was at a roping with my husband a few weeks ago. There were a couple fellas that had their tie down (the nose band) above their horses eyes! At the brow line? I had never seen anything like it!?

Misty's Mom said...

How cool for you guys! It sounds like the barn was just full of adventure! It must have been quite a spectacular sight, all those beautiful horses in ONE PLACE!!! I just found out how to visit other sites on blogspot, and you just happen to be a victim. I do like your posts, or else I wouldn't have stopped at all: be flattered :D

Flying Lily said...

The things people do to horses. Poor guy with the torn lips, and that last horse with strange foot gear. Beautiful photos though! Arabians are so versatile - they just do everything.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I talk to a horse professional about the metal zip ties on the hooves, and she said they were to keep the shoes on. That doesn't quite make sense to me because I couldn't see where they could attach to the shoes. They are around the top of the hoof like a bracelet and don't appear to drop down over the shoe anywhere.

train wreck - Hmmmm. The way I've learned it, the nose band usually is used to keep the horse's mouth quiet. Maybe they wanted to keep the horse's eyes quiet? No more blinking!

misty's mom - Thanks for stopping by and staying long enough to leave a comment. I will be your victim anytime.

lily - Most years at the Horse Expo the Arabian breed show is all about showing off their versatility. I think Bombay would make a great cutting horse if I had cows. Gabbrielle would do well at endurance. I'm still up in the air about Lostine, though. She's been a broodmare most of her life and doesn't seem interested in doing much else.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Interesting what the lady said about the leg wraps being there to keep the shoes on-I'm with you-I don't see how that little trick works.

The tie-down over the eyes is referred to as a "brain chain". My mom had one, for one of her barrel horses that was notorious for flipping over backwards. Hers was made from small link chain and had a piece that ran over the poll and in front of the ears(like a browband). It applies pressure to the poll rather than the nose when a horse raises it's head excessively. A rather strong piece of equipment. :(

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

browneyed - Thanks for that tidbit of info. I've never seen one myself, so I'm not familiar with it. Yikes! I don't think I'd ride a horse that has a habit of flipping over backwards. It sounds like a good way to break one's neck. But it also sounds like the device works.

Twinville said...

I'm just speechless. That row of horses look like they could benefit from a horse whisperer. They all seem to have 'issues'.

Kind of makes you wonder what kind of life they lead when they are at home. Do they get to lead any semblance of a normal horse life?