Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cell Phone Holders for Horseback Riders

While riding in the large arena at the Fairgrounds last night, K pointed to the ground between us and said, "Is that your cell phone?"

I felt the cell phone holder attached to my belt loop, and sure enough, it was empty. The phone must have fallen out as soon as I started riding. It was a good thing K happened to be looking at the ground, because otherwise one of our horses might have stepped on it, or it would have just been buried in the arena by the ground draggers and lost forever.

I stared at it, weighing my options on whether I should just remember where it was and get it after our ride, or dismount now at the risk of not being able to mount again since my horse was so rambunctious. I was on a 15-hand horse while K was on a 15.2-hand horse, but still she said, "I'll get it," and hopped off.

So, now I am in the market for a cell phone holder that will keep my phone snug amongst all that bouncing (and bucking). Country Supply Store is selling these cell phone holders, which have leg straps so that you don't have to worry about the phone digging into your belly at a belt loop or so that you don't have to reach too far back to get it off your hip:

Has anyone used these or have other suggestions?


onTheBit said...

I have actually used one of those when I used to ride Gen years ago by myself...not sure if it is exactly the same model (I got mine from Target) but I found it annoying on my leg so I switched it up to my arm...it didn't move too much around my arm and my cell phone never fell out when I was riding so for me it was worth it.

Pony Girl said...

Hmm....good question. I am a fanny-pack user so that is where my phone and camera reside while riding, but sometimes the fanny pack bugs me (when arena riding, it's fine on the trails.) Although when I'm in the arena, I usually hang my fanny pack on the paneling so it's close by.
I figure I need to invest in a clip-on cell holder of some kind. I actually have a hand-me-down one that is leather with a fancy concho, but it seems kind of bulky and awkward and really hard to clip on so I've never used it. I'll check back and see if anyone has any other great suggestions!

Micha said...

Onthebit beat me to it. I use something similar but on my arm. Nice and snug and out of danger :-)

Flying Lily said...

I think on the arm works better because you can knock your legs on tree branches and things. Equissentials makes riding breeches with a built-in phone pocket - but then you have a little lump on your otherwise perfect thigh ;}

Twinville said...

I think I'd rather have one on my arm, as long as the strap was comfortable because I often wear short sleeves while riding, and my skin is rather sensitive.
I almsot always wear jeans or pants with belt loops, though, so a cell phone holder that attaches to the belt loop would be something I'd probably choose.

Good for you in making plans to always carry a cell phone, on your body, while riding.