Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Sprinkling Ash

Just a quick report. I had it on my calendar to ride every night this week to keep the horses and myself conditioned, but Mother Nature overruled that decision. The smoke from the California wildfires has been really packed in here in my valley, and the sky has been sprinkling ash. I don't want to have to make my horses breathe in any harder than they would standing around.

I usually let them mill about outdoors during the hot summer nights instead of putting them away in their stuffy stalls, however I've made an exception to that rule the past few nights mainly to keep ash from falling into their nostrils.

The news reports that most of these fires will not get under control until July 30th. That's a long time to go without riding if the smoke doesn't blow off. Of course, it's better than going without my home, which is what many Californians have been facing throughout the week.


onthebit said...

Smart decision not to put any extra strain on any of your horses (or your own) respiratory system.

Twinville said...

How awful! I don't know about Nevada, but our summers are not all that long. It's no fun to miss any good opportunities to ride.
But in your case, sounds like you're making very wise decisions.

I hope the ash stops falling in your area at least. :(

Victoria Cummings said...

Good decision - I hope they're right about getting it under control by the end of the month.