Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blogger Configuration Decisions

Hi all,

You may have noticed that I've been experimenting with changes in the configuration of my blog. After playing around, these are the decisions I made:

1. Comment Moderation: For a long time I had comment moderation turned on, and I had an email sent to me when a new comment was logged. I decided it was too much work for me to mark everything as read in my email inbox, so I turned off receiving the email and thought it would be best to simply log into my website to view the comments.

I turned off comment moderation for a while, but found that I was missing some of the more recent comments on older posts. I know that you can set it to notify you if you receive a comment on a post older than a certain amount of time, but I decided to turn the comment moderation back on mainly because it is easier for me to read the comments on the large moderation screen. I want to keep the comments as a pop-up, because it allows people to move back and forth between the post and comments easier than bringing up a whole new page. I also enjoy logging in and seeing the message, "x comments" per website.

2. Word Verification: I had turned this on because I noticed I was getting a little bit of spam, however I struggle with the word verification feature on other blog sites. Sometimes I have written great comments for other people, but the word verification kept failing in part because my eyesight is failing. I eventually gave up and left no comment. So, it is currently turned off on my websites, because I don't want to miss out on anyone's comments, nor do I want people to feel hassled by the extra step.

3. Email Address: I originally did not include my email address in my profile, because I am way too busy to be dealing with an inbox filled with spam. However, I do want my readers to have the ability to contact me without worrying that their private comment might actually be published in the comments inadvertently. So, my email address is available to my readers. Spammers, go away.

Much love (for my readers, not the spammers),



onthebit said...

hahaha...all good reasons for everything! And thank for for turning off the stupid word drives me nuts and on your site alone more then one comment has been lost because it doesn't accept it and before I realize that I close the window.

Flying Lily said...

These seem like the best choices. I dislike the word-puzzle barrier (which I also maintain on my blog) but it keeps the spammers at bay for the most part. I'm sure we are all part of an evolving security process that will be smoother and more seamless in the near future.

Twinville said...

You're so thoughtful to be worrying about the convenience of our readers.

But I do appreciate your changes, especially the lack of the annoying word verification.
I took it off my blog, but still kept the blog owner approval part and haven't had many problems with spam. If I do get some I just delete it.

I have the worst problems with the word verification on other blogs because oftentimes they twist and curl the letters. I've had to reenter the letters more than a handful on other blogs at times.
Most of the time, I just don't even leave a comment, though.

Thanks again :)