Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lostine the Beauty Queen

I have a little song I sing to my horse when I put her to bed at night: "Los-tine the Beau-ty Queen." I believe she knows she is beautiful. She's got a lot of attitude.

Twinville mentioned that I haven't written about riding Lostine recently. These are pictures from last week. Usually, I have to hold Lostine back, because she wants to go and she wants to go fast. However, in the August heat, she's been giving me a two-minute canter followed by some huffing and puffing at a walk. I never thought I'd be able to wear out this horse (with some help from Mother Nature, of course).

On this day I had dropped the stirrups one notch, but as you can see by the bend in my knee, I still needed to drop them further, which I did. I also yanked the stirrups back and was able to position my heels beneath the line of my hips and shoulders. I also switched to a saddle pad that is thicker and helps prevent the saddle from riding up on the withers. These are all actions taken after receiving feedback from readers based upon problems spotted in previous pictures. Thank you, everyone.


Jenn said...

She has a very pretty head. I love mares who know they got it going on!

So, the burning question is...have the changes you've made been helping make your ride more comfortable and posting easier? Or are you still in the awkward "body memory" phase where you are fighting the new position because you are so used to the old one?

Katee said...

I sing to my pets, too. I think they love it. My husband tells me they tolerate it only because I am the person who feeds them! :)

Andrea said...

You are so lucky to have your son there to take pictures of your riding. He does a wonderful job!!

I love to ride with help from mother nature too. I like to go slow. I have no intentions of ever galloping off into the sunset. LOL!!

She is quite the beauty queen. It's good to hear that you are doing better with your stirrups.

Callie said...

She is a beauty queen! Very pretty mare!

jme said...

my, she is lovely. and of course she has attitude - she's chestnut! it's a redhead thing ;-)

Jamie said...

That first picture is gorgeous of her. She really is a beauty !

Grey Horse Matters said...

Lostine is a beauty queen. I'm sure she is more sensible than the younger ones, I might try riding her for the experience she has under saddle.

Aussie Oklahoma said...

She's beautiful! What breed?

By the way, you've been nominated for the "I ♥ your blog" award.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Jenn - Yes, lengthening the stirrups did feel more comfortable and make posting easier. I meant to say that in the post, but kept getting interrupted while writing it, and I forgot.

Katee - LOL! Fortunately, I have a husband who likes and encourages my singing.

Andrea - My son has been a very good sport about snapping off all those shots while I've been riding. Now that school has started, I don't know if he will be available as often.

Callie, jme, Jaime - Lostine says "Thanks! I know I'm hot."

Grey Horse - Ultimately I'm trying to train Bombay in addition to riding the trails. I think that training him is really my priority, which is why I spend so much time with him. I've received some criticism (not on this blog) for keeping him on my property for 9 years and rarely exposing him to other places. I can always ride a stable horse out on the trails if I really want a trail ride, but I usually end up being bored.

Aussie OK - Thank you for the nomination.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I think Lostine is gorgeous!!

My mom has horses that have been on her property for 10 years and never been anywhere else too. I have spent plenty of time this summer just hauling horses to the arena so they can get used to going somewhere. Some get goofy as heck, others actually get more focused because they are not worried about what their buddies are doing.

Do what you do and tell those other people that unless they are paying your bills, it's none of their business.;)

Glamour Girl said...

Wow, she is beautiful! I just love your animals!

Twinville said...

Yay Lostine! She is just so beautiful, so you know I'm thrilled to see you post recent photos of you and her together.

And she's not just beautiful, she's striking...show quality type.
Gorgeous head.
Is it difficult keeping her gorgeous forelock long? Anything you use to keep it untangled and pretty?
I'm letting Baby Doll's forelock grow, not just for looks, but also to help her keep the flies away from her eyes naturally.

I didn't know that you've had Bombay for over 9 yrs. Wow!
My neighbor, who has arabians, was talking about how it seems that when arabians pass age 10, they seem to finally calm down enough to focus.
It's as if arabian horses have a 'second life' or more longevity and usefulness into the second portion of their lives.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

BEC - It's good to know the Arabians aren't the only horse breed that can get goofy leaving their comfort zone.

Glamour Girl - Can I call you GG for short?

Twinville - Lostine is just one of those lucky mares who was born with a long, thick forelock, mane, and tail. They get tangled easily and are difficult to comb. I don't comb her hair too often, because it pulls some out and I want to leave it thick. However, every once in a while I shampoo, condition, and then put Cowboy Magic on it, so that I can get a comb through it.

Gabbrielle was born with what I would almost call an afro. Her hair is course, kinky, and short. The other day my neighbor asked me what was wrong with her forelock since it never grew. Nothing was wrong. She just has hair follicles that are wavy and curly, so the hair gets compacted when it grows out. Can you tell that I took some cosmetology classes?

Train Wreck said...

Yes she is Pretty! Has a doll face,we have a little mare with the same features. I wanted to name her "Barbie" My husband freaked out! I can't have a horse named Barbie! What would the guys think? LOL!!
So we named her Harley. I told him it was as close to a real "Harley" he was going to get!!