Saturday, August 23, 2008

Photo Shoot

I've been asking my son to take more pictures of me riding, so that I can spot my faults. I lowered the stirrups as suggested by many of you. After seeing this latest photo shoot I ran outside and lowered them yet another notch. My son took some pictures from up high on the gate railing.

Bombay was a little concerned about having two people above him and a black thing making clicking noises, but he didn't spook. My son is always jumping around, acting like a monkey hanging from the barn rafters, and playing basketball around the horses. They've come to expect sudden and odd movements from him.

He was brave and trusting enough to sit on the ground to get some shots.

Here we come...


Ahhh, my camera man made it through the photo shoot in one piece after all.

Being a boy, he had to get in one last shot. If you are squeamish or a highly sophisticated person of good taste, please do not scroll down.


Callie said...

LMAO! Love the action photo of poo! LOL! Only a horse person can appreciate that!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Do the longer stirrups feel better?

Personally, I ride with a rather long stirrup because if I ride with them any shorter my knees get to hurting so badly after a couple of horses that I can't hardly get off or walk.

LOL-Your son is funny.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Callie - I can always rely on getting a laugh out of you.

BEC - YES! The longer stirrups feel much better -- more natural. I'm not sure why both my riding instructors chose that original setting for me. I guess I'll find out at my next lesson. I think I won't say anything at first and see if my instructor notices the change in length.

lytha said...

I just love your horse, what a gorgeous animal. Even his poop is handsome, see? *giggle*

About leg position - for me, it's all about the saddle. In my wintec endurance saddle, I have to consciously put my leg where it should be, back under my hip. In a traditional endurance saddle (western type?), my leg is "locked" into the sweet spot. I know it's not talent, it's the saddle, but I do hope someone takes a picture of me with this saddle sometime *lol*.

I look forward to more pics, and information on how you will "unbind" your herd, because I will be dealing with this soon myself.

~beth in germany

Twinville said...

BWHAHAAHA! Excellent action poop shot! hehe
He even caught it in mid-air. That's GOOD! :D

And you look good out there, too! :)


photogchic said...

He took some pretty great shots...that last picture is something my crude little brother would have taken:-)...too funny.