Sunday, August 31, 2008

Scrubbing Bubbles

While petting Gabbrielle last night, I discovered caked-in gunk on her fur and decided it was time for a bath. I don't own stocks or a wash rack, so I just tie the horses loosely to a post. They do swing from side to side, and I just move with them so that they learn that they can't escape the water and may as well hold still. I sponge down their faces and spray everywhere else with the hose.

Gabbrielle would not allow me to wet her forelock from the front, so I had to reach up from behind her ears and squeeze the sponge from that angle in order to rinse it.

"I'm ready for my glamor photo now."

My son swears that the picture above was an accident. He didn't even notice Bombay peeing in the background while I was spraying Gabbrielle's tail. I think the framing of this is a little suspicious.

NOTE: I always leave my horses out to pick weeds in the rocks on the RV lane while drying out after a bath, because I don't want them to roll in the dirt in the paddock. We don't have an RV, but use the lane to store hay, shavings, and manure while it composts. I've trained the horses to stay off the haystack while weeding. After this bath I heard an odd noise and looked up to see Gabbrielle standing hock-deep in the manure pile! She actually climbed in there, even though she sunk down deep with each step. First, she peed in there, and then she repositioned herself and pooped, and then she started eating clump grass that was growing through the fence from the other side of the manure pile. I had to herd her out of there when she started spinning in circles like she was contemplating rolling in it! Silly horse.


Andrea said...

That last picture, LOL!! I think your sone had other things in mind. :)

She is such a beautiful mare! I love to give horse baths too. There is just something beautiful about a nice clean shiney horse.

Callie said...

Mine need a good bath this week as well! A really good bath! I think I may even plait their manes to keep them from burrs.!

OnTheBit said...

hahaha...she's not being silly! She is telling you that she worked very hard to get all the stink in her hair and you so meanly just went and washed it out! and the picture with the horse and bombay is hysterical...accident or not!

Flying Lily said...

There is nothing that gets dirty so fast as a newly washed horse! I love how honest she was - straight in to the manure! No questions asked.

Saddle Mountain Rider said...

That photo of the horse in the background cracks me up. but your horse is sure pretty even when wet.

Twinville said...

ahahaa! The water spraying and Bombay peeing. Too perfect! hehe

Thanks for the big grin.

Gabbrielle looks glowingly gorgeous after her bath. Glad you were able to narrowly avoid a dung mishap! hehe :)

Jenn said...

Gabbrielle is telling you she knows exactly where the potty pile is. I'll bet she's one of those mares who keeps her stall VERY clean. She's gorgeous and has an absolutely beautiful head.

Amy Brand said...

Your grey is gorgeous!!!

LOL...I was laughing at Bombay in the background! I am sure he loves being exploited on the internet! :D