Wednesday, August 13, 2008

World's Fastest Hay Delivery

Whenever I order hay, it usually takes a week or two for it to be delivered, so I've learned to not let my existing supply get down to dregs. I called for a fresh block on Monday, and when I arrived home from work on Tuesday I was greeted by this glorious tower of horse munchies. I love how it is as tall as my house.

The good news is that it actually went down in price slightly. In February of 2007 I paid $760 for a block of alfalfa-grass mix. In August of 2007 I paid $968.43 for the same thing. In January of 2008 I paid $1,104.69 for it. Yesterday my husband paid $1,029.97.

Mmm mmm, good.

Get away from my eats!

I like to feed the horses with big rocks in their troughs and on tires, because they stay busy digging out the leftovers during the day.

1 comment:

Twinville said...

Hay there!

Well, at least it's not the 'Leaning Tower of Hay" eh?

Your horse family looks very pleased with the latest delivery.