Monday, September 8, 2008


Sigh. I wish I could train my son to keep the poo out of the pictures. Sorry about that. I need to go outside and shoot a fresh batch of photos for this blog, because I am obviously hard-pressed to find something different in my current collection.

"Boomer" is one of my many nicknames for Bombay. I took him over to my neighbor's back paddock for a ride, opened the gate, let us in, turned around to fasten the gate, and sensed something was wrong. I turned around to find my neighbor's prize gelding sniffing Bombay's rear and Bombay was tensed up like a bomb about to explode. I didn't even notice that there was a loose horse in the back paddock. I decided to lunge Bombay there anyway and see how the two of them did. The answer was "not well."

The bay gelding galloped all around us snorting and bucking. I kept shooing him away with my voice, body language, and riding crop. He did stay away, and Bombay trusted me to protect him, but neither of us could concentrate on lunging. I started thinking about how my neighbor and I have a verbal agreement that I won't hold her responsible if my horses or I get hurt on her property, but we have no agreement about her not holding me responsible if her horses get hurt while I am on her property. She could sue me if her prize gelding broke his leg while tearing around the paddock out of excitement over a new horse coming to visit.

After that thought, I quickly moved myself and Bombay into the empty round pen. The bay gelding was still riled up and galloped around snorting and bucking for about another ten minutes while we were in the round pen. Once I mounted Bombay, they both seemed to recognize that it was time to get to work, and they both settled down.

I had been sick all weekend, just like the weekend before. I think I'm allergic to something that is blooming, though I work from home and don't feel sick on the weekdays. What's up with that? Anyway, I took an allergy pill and a couple of Ibuprofen for the headache, which made me a bit loosey goosey. Having my body and mind be in that state actually helped me to pick up the posting trot correctly. I don't recommend that people take drugs to become a better rider, but it really made a huge difference for me. I finally found out what it is like to have the horse help me post and to be in perfect rhythm with the horse.

The same thing happened at the lope. Normally, my riding instructor has to keep prompting me to lean forward, but I just got into that perfect position and kept in rhythm so that my rear wasn't popping up out of the saddle. I think this was by far my best ride yet from an equitation viewpoint.


Jenn said...

Awesome! Glad you had a good ride.

Sometimes I'll have a glass of wine before a ride and experience that nice "loosey goosey" sensation in the saddle. It can be a good feeling! There IS a reason foxhunters have a "stirrup cup" before we set out on a morning hunt...the whiskey serves to warm, to loosen up and to settle some of those pre-hunt butterflies. :P

Andrea said...

I was under the influence of cold meds while riding last week. It can make for an interesting ride! LOL!! Glad you are feeling better and I am glad nobody got hurt with the lunging! I get all nervous these days when horses start to act silly.

OnTheBit said...

It is probably a smart move that you decided to switch you "work area". You just never know how two horses will get along. Genny can be fine with a horse for a bit and then just decide that he needs to kill them the next moment. I am glad that you and Bombay had a good ride! Even if it was under the influence :P

Twinville said...

Good ole Boomer. Glad you had such a pleasing ride.
My neighbor friend suggested to me the other day that a glass of wine before a ride might be just the thing to loosen me up and take away the jitters. :)

When I used to do some public speaking I sometimes took a Tylenol PM and it really did relax me enough to speak with confidance, and because I was already so hyped up, it didn't put me to sleep. haha

I wonder how many public speakers or folks who go into stressful situations have a sip or two, or some calming meds or yoga to help relax.
Interesting. :)


Train Wreck said...

Oh friend you just need photoshop to get the poop out!! LOL!! Boomer...sigh we had a Boomer. He died two years ago, cancer. I love your Boomer he is beautiful, looks like a sweety! I am happy no harm came to you and your horse. You just never know.

Callie said...

Sounds like a good ride! I often wish I had a valium before a ride, not with my trusty gal, Misty, but with the more high strung Kola! LOL Cold medicine would either sent me to sleep or get me jittery!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Train Wreck - Interesting topic -- PhotoShop. I've got PhotoShop. I just need the time to move the photos off one computer onto the one that has PhotoShop, and then learn how to use the software. It's been on my To Do List for about 9 months now. I am in the very bad habit of buying software, never having the time to learn how to use it, and then before I know it, the computer it is on has broken down and there are all these new opearting systems, and none of them work with my old/"new" software. When I do have some free time, I can never remember to use the software, because it is out of sight - out of mind. So, then somebody like you brings up the idea of PhotoShop and I write it on my To Do List, but the list is so long that I never have the patience to read through the entire thing to get to the reminder about PhotoShop. Do you see the quandary I am in? Hopefully, now every time I see poo in a picture, that will serve as my reminder and maybe this time I'll get around to it...