Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Just Have to Say...

...that Bombay has come a long way. This past spring Bombay spooked every time that the tarp on the haystack flapped in the wind. Yesterday I was able to lead him back and forth through that flapping tarp in a narrow alley between my truck and the haystack, and he didn't bat an eye. It was as if that tarp didn't even exist.

The other big difference in him is that he now understands that when we are in work mode, he is to do nothing except follow my cues. Yesterday I asked him to transition from the walk to the lope. He transitioned beautifully, and it was only when we came full circle in the round pen that I truly comprehended what a perfect transition that really was. Right there in the location where he moved into the lope was a long trail and fresh manure. Just a few weeks ago he would stubbornly stop to poop, and everyone would have to wait until he was done doing his business in order to get back to work. Now he just works through it. That shows a level of maturity in a horse.

Because Bombay is more relaxed and trustworthy, I am more relaxed riding him. I lost both stirrups while we were at the canter and I just rode through it, hanging on with my thighs and knees like I would if I were riding bareback. Of course, he does still spook from time to time, more than my other horses, but a lot less than his old self.


Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Those tarps can be really skery! :-o I always love the "look" when their eyes and nostrils return to normal (not bugging out) they almost look a bit embarrised that they were afraid of it to begin with.

Less always has to stop and poop:-) but when I used to ride him he was usuaully very good about not going during a work out.

Jenn said...

Yay! That's great news! He sounds like he's really trusting you as his fearless leader, and that's a HUGE step for those horses who tend to be fearful. All your hard work is paying off, that's for sure. Keep it up!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yay Bombay!

Pooping while on the move is! hehe

Baby Doll still tries to stop while pooping.

Good for you on desensitizing him around that tarp. Now it's just another basic part of his environment.


Laura said...

Good for you and Bombay! All of your hard work is really paying off here. He is calmer and more responsive and you are able to trust him more, which just leads to more trust and relaxation. I really need to learn from your example - your consistency and hard work are really inspiring!

Andrea said...

That is so exciting!! I am so proud of Bombay!! He is starting to relax. Sometimes all it takes is a little ground work and time.

I once rode an Appy that would poop and jump!! LOL!!