Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Of course, "flea-bitten" is a way to describe these types of markings on a horse, but it also describes the way I feel. My life is still moving at an insane pace and I have to do crazy things to remove myself from the non-stop over stimulation or flea bites. Yesterday I was in the office and had people lined up at my desk all talking to me at the same time, the phone was ringing, instant messages were popping up, and emails were piling into my inbox. (I've got four email accounts, and among all of them I probably receive 1,500 emails a day. If you've sent me something and I haven't responded, now you know why.)

In the meantime, while I was trying to solve every one's problems, I had a runny nose and couldn't even find time to locate a tissue. When it got to the point where my nose was dripping out of control, I just announced to everyone, "I'm sorry. I have to take a break right now," and ran out of the office to my car where I sat in silence and blew my nose for about 15 minutes. I then had to use the restroom, but knew that trying to get from the front door of the office to the restroom without being mobbed would be like trying to run a football into the end zone for a touchdown. I might have to push people out of my way and knock a few down to get there. Relieving myself, eating, and sleeping are getting to be luxuries for me.

It's looking like my runny nose is turning into a full-fledged cold, but I don't have time to take a sick day. In the meantime, my aging dog has his own health problems that result in him pestering me throughout the day when I work from home. There are times when I wish I were born a pet, so that someone would take care of me instead of me always taking care of everyone else. I am thankful that at least the horses don't demand too much from me. They aren't outside barking or inside pacing the floor and poking me with their noses for attention. They aren't asking me to complete some complicated task by an impossible deadline. They aren't standing between me and the restroom or a tissue box. Thank God for horses. I can look out my window and see that they are passing the time just fine without me.


Jenn said...

See, they DO keep us sane! Sure, they're probably the most expensive therapy out there, but I'll happily pay for it every day.

I'm hoping your days settle down soon. I know I don't deal very well with that much stress for long at all...I usually end up either A. Having a nervous breakdown or B. Screaming unintelligible things at all the people around me until they slither away in fear.

Andrea said...

Oh man, I hope you get some rest soon. It makes me tired just reading it. And I hope your cold isn't too bad, start taking Zicam, that stuff works.

I would like to be a pet, if I had a good owner.

KD said...

Note to self.... I could never be a software engineer. My hat's off to you for putting up with your stress makers. I told my boss yesterday that if he kept interupting me, nobody would get their paychecks. (I was trying to process payroll and it's my most stressful day)

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

My sympathies go out to ya lady!! Hang in there-things are going nuts with the holidays coming up.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I second the Zicam. Awesome homeopathic stuff :)

Poor NM. The way you write, it sounds like you're either the Wizard of Oz or some famous movie star.
It's not always so great to be needed, is it?
Maybe you could bring a costume to work, maybe a wig and some shades, so you could escape, unheeded to eat and relieve yourself sometimes. lol!
Just kidding, but maybe it might work. :)

I love that photo of Bombay from the top of his head like that. Very cool.

I, too, love how horses are so independant and not so needy. They are happy with just the basics, and if you've got more, then great. If not, that's fine, too.


The D-Meister said...

I wish I could be there to help. Hang in there.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Aw, I feel for you being in such craziness!
Yes, I would love to be "taken care of" for a change. I think that's why I don't want another job at the moment. Of course, in reality, I MUST have one to keep my house and horses but I'm not ready for work just yet.
Good luck to both of us.

lytha said...


i was thinking about you and this post yesterday as i drove around. it must feel good to be so integral to a company that you can't even go blow your nose. i hope it give you a feeling of job security, that you're necessary.

i liked your photo too, but i kept thinking "don't throw up your head, bombay! you'll break the camera!"

~lytha in germany

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Bombay is about the same color as my mare. I wonder if she was bay as a filly...

PS- you've been tagged! I know you don't have time but you are a very interesting person. Visit my blog and find out more.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

lytha - Trust me, nothing feels good about all this stress, and no one really has job security in a bad economy. If a company has financial difficulties, they can lay everyone off at the drop of a hat without regard to how much they are needed. I know, because that is exactly what has happened to me multiple times over the past several years.