Saturday, November 1, 2008

No Riding This Weekend

A true fall season is finally upon us. It is supposed to rain for the next four days. I know my horses can't stand to be cooped up in their stalls for that long, so I let them hang out in separate pens so that they don't rip each other's waterproof turnout blankets. I gifted Bombay with a new blanket this year. His old one got washed too many times, which redistributed the inner lining so that the blanket hung to one side, which was making one side of him very warm and the other very drafty.

Now Lostine's blanket is starting to do that. As soon as I get a sunny day, I'm going to have to wash hers for the umpteenth time, because she's had diarrhea for a couple of days. Of course, she has to deposit it in the middle of her stall so that she lays in it. My husband was kind enough to go out to the feed store to pick up some electrolytes for her. She's doing much better. Her digestive system is very sensitive, and I suspect it felt a weather change coming on. Digestive disruptions are very common for Lostine.

Gabbrielle's blanket is hanging in there for its second winter. She has treated it well. I know I need to paint those fence panels. I usually do it every summer, but this has been a busy year. I am glad that I don't have to water the pasture for a while thanks to the rain. I was getting ditsy and forgetting to turn the water off. I'm a water conservationist at heart, but have nothing but air in my brain, especially when I'm trying to juggle ten chores at once.

In other small talk, I'll be glad when Tuesday has come and gone. I feel like I am being smothered by campaigners. The phone has been ringing throughout the day and many people have knocked on our door over the past few weeks to get our assurance that we will go out and vote for their candidate or party.

My husband has been grabbing the phone and the door, because he knows I'm at my wits end. I can get really bitchy when people repeatedly take away my free time with their own agendas, especially when we have asked them not to call or visit again. We both appreciate all the volunteers who are helping their campaigns, but this really needs to be more organized.

We clearly have NO TRESPASSING signs posted, because we don't want people knocking on our door. It makes our dogs go berserk, and they start barking at every little noise for days afterward. Peace, quiet, no interruptions, no stimulation, no pressure: That's the way I like my rainy days.


Kristen said...

I used to blanket my Big boy Sand but the other horses freak out when trying to put a blanket on them.. I just let them grow a big winter coat and hope the extra fat in their diets keep them warm from rain and cold in the winter.. I feel the same way about the campaign.. I am getting tired of coming home to 10 messages on my answering machine.. Thank God for instant erase ...

Jenn said...

Ugh, I HATE the way stuffing shifts in blankets. The worst offenders actually seem to be the most expensive blankets! Have you ever tried Rider's blankets by Dover? They are really inexpensive, very durable and I've never had one shift it's stuffing. I have one that's going on 8 years old and I've only had to replace one surcingle. I re-waterproof every year, but other than that, it has really held up wonderfully.
I ponied up the dough for a Rhino a few years ago...and it didn't last through the season. I was so upset. When you drop nearly $300 on a blanket, you expect it to at least get through one winter!

I'm ready for the campaigning to be over, too. The advantage of living out in the boonies is no one bothers to come this far out...and with an unpublished land line number, we get no calls. It's very peaceful.

Andrea said...

I will be glad when Tuesday comes and goes too!! I hate all the phone calls. My hubby and I are different parties, so we get both sides calling us.

Your ladies look nice an warm for the winter. Bombay looks nice in his new blanket too. I would only blanket my show horse for the winter. Now I am not showing so I don't have to worry about blankets this winter. They are a pain to wash!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I have air inside where my brain should be, too. Have I ever mentioned the time this past summer, when I felt the water on for the pond to refill, and then forgot about OVERNIGHT?

It was awful. We had a river running down through our driveway and a swamp around the pond. We lsot 3 koi because they were too shocked at all that fresh, chlorinated water, and one even got washed out of the pond!
I felt horrible, but these are the kinds of things I do when I try to multi-task. Gah!

By the way, your horses looks so cute in their blankets. I want to get one for Baby Doll, but don't want much fiberfill as her coat is already thick and wooly, and she'll just overheat.
What I want is a water-proof breathable 'jacket' blanket to just keep her dry from the snow and sleet. I'm figuring you, the review queen might be able to recommend one?

Oh. And I'm right there with you on all the campaign calls, too.
We get them starting at 9am until 8:30pm. Today we got about 6 of them!

If I even bother to answer (we have caller ID), I answer the truth, "The Deed's been done. We've already voted"

John and I did early voting this past week and last week. I'm just glad that's over! lol


Callie said...

Since it gets so frigid cold here in the winter, the blankets don't go mine until December /January! Your's look so cute all comfy cozy!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I've never blanketed although it would be nice sometimes not to have to groom that dirty fuzz!

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh don't they look smart in their new turnouts!

Lulu said...

I'm curious about how long your blankets typically last you, and how often you launder them.

I blanketed my yearling all winter/spring last year in order to have her slick in time for the first show of the season. I don't think I will blanket all winter this year. Instead, I'll blanket in the early spring to jumpstart the shedding.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I hesitate to recommend a blanket, because everyone has different needs, but I've been using ones like the Stormshield® Classic Euro 1200D Midweight Turnout at They usually last between 2 and 5 years with normal wear, but only come with a 1 year warranty.

The amount of laundering I do depends on how dirty the blankets get and how often I get enough sun where I can remove them and hang them out to dry. I'd estimate that ends up being 2 to 4 times a season.

Shirley said...

I blanket Beamer in the winter as I ride him year-round. I use 1200 denier cordura blankets made by Glover- a Canadian company. The Canadiana Storm is the one I use. They last for years. I find that if you want to get long life out of your blankets, do not put them in a washing machine to clean them. That's what wrecks the lining, and also wears off the waterproofing on the inside of the cordura. I clean mine with the hose and a scrub brush and bucket of warm water. I don't use soap, as sometimes there is a residue left that can be irritating to the horse; instead I use a natural cleanser made by Young Living Essential Oils, caled Theives Cleaner. Smells great too!