Friday, November 28, 2008

Who Am I Kidding?

All was quiet on the western front this Thanksgiving. I mostly got my wish that the neighborhood wouldn't be invaded by neighbors' guests. Only one neighbor hosted a Thanksgiving get together, and the rest went somewhere else. All of my horses survived without choking or colicking. I put two of them in pens that no one could reach from the street without climbing a fence. The dogs did vomit throughout the night, though. We hate to see leftovers go to waste, but pay for it during the night and the next morning when we allow the dogs to lick the plates.

Who was I kidding that I'd get to ride the horses on Thanksgiving? I spent the morning sanitizing the kitchen so that my husband could prepare the meal. I'm very spoiled since my husband likes to cook. We had an early afternoon meal, and I was so stuffed that I was afraid to jostle my belly. I had to hold still for four hours after that meal, so that it didn't come back up. It was great food, of course. I just have a hard time eating a full meal.

So, this morning my husband and son ventured out into Black Friday for the thrill of Christmas shopping in large crowds and standing in lines all day, while I steam vacuumed half the carpet. It literally took three hours to dry vac and then steam vac half the house. Hopefully, I'll get around to the other half before Monday. You wouldn't believe how thick and black that water was when I dumped it out of the canister. I pushed the machine back and forth so much that I have blisters on my fingers. I'm thinking it might be worth it to hire a professional steam cleaner next time. Now that I have steam cleaned, it's Murphy's Law that the dogs will have an all night piss, poop, and vomit fest. Yippee!


dp said...

I can't believe that you have carpeting in your home. We lived here with carpet for six months before we could get the hard floors in (linoleum upstairs and laminate down). There is just no way to keep it clean with three hairy dogs.

Cheryl said...

I hear 'ya about the steam vacuum! I rented one about 6 weeks ago. The next morning. Yup. Somebody pooped on the freshly cleaned carpet. Oh, brother! I have a little carpet cleaner, so I used that, but IS neverending, isn't it?

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

DP - Well, when you are dirt poor, you let your parents buy you a house and you live with whatever is in it.

Cheryl - I've always thought maybe when the dogs inhale the chemicals or soap, it triggers them to vomit, but that doesn't exactly explain the pooping.

Shirley said...

Me' n' vacuum cleaners are dire enemies! And I'm with you on hiring someone to do the steamcleaning.

dp said...

Hey...I know dirt poor. We lived with plywood floors at our first house for a couple of years because I couldn't hack the carpet with the dogs. It was a big day when we traded the "cariboo hardwood" for honest-to-goodness laminate!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Shirley - I spend more time cutting dog hair off the roller than I do vacuuming.

DP - Yikes! I think I'd be more afraid of getting slivers in my feet from the whatever wood is under the carpet than cleaning the carpet. Our house was built in 1976. We recently had to replace the bathroom floor because water damage from a leaky toilet caused the wood to buckle and the tiles to pop up. The whole process of trying to repair that floor was such an ordeal that things have to get really bad before I'll do any home improvements.

We've actually agreed that once our two oldest dogs pass away, we will invest in new flooring.