Sunday, November 23, 2008

Worming Drama

I bought a year-round pack of wormer pastes this past year. Some say that it is not a good idea to purchase wormer so far in advance, because the wormer loses its freshness and may expire. You don't have a whole lot of control over which brand of wormers they include in the kit, so this time around I got a plunger that had such a long wingspan that I couldn't get my index finger around it.

While Lostine and Bombay ran away at the sight of the syringe, Gabbrielle happily trotted up to me for her dosage. She loves the apple taste. In fact, she kept sticking her nose over the fence, trying to eat the other horses' wormer when I treated them.

Lostine can put up a fight, but she was fairly cooperative on this day. She usually clamps down and refuses to open her mouth. Note my neighbor's ugly U-haul truck in the background. It always manages to creep its way into the best pictures. I wish they'd park it somewhere else.

Some wormer dribbles out the side of her mouth if I don't push the syringe back far enough in her mouth, so I wipe it off her lips and put it back into her mouth. If you keep you fingers in the corner of the mouth, you'll keep them away from teeth.

Lostine has the habit of spitting the paste or gel out as soon as it goes in, so I have to hold her head up in the air until she swallows.

Go away, Gabbrielle! You've already had your poison!

The battery on the camera died before we could get a photo of Bombay. His trick is to leave a wad of hay in the back of his mouth, then when I shoot the wormer in, it lands on the wad of hay, and he just spits the whole clump out along with the wormer. You are supposed to either clean out their mouths with your fingers or water before worming them, but I can never remember, so he did it to me again on this day and I failed to get his nose up into the air fast enough. Oh well.


Fantastyk Voyager said...

yes, worming is always a challenge.

I remember when I boarded at a stable that required tubeworming twice a year. The horse would go into stocks and the vet would run a tube down his nose to the stomach and flush the wormer all the way in. I had one horse that put up such a fight! He would bend his neck and the tube would stick rather than going in. After several tries, he was bleeding from the nostrils and still not wormed. They decided to leave him until the next day when they did the second half of the barn. It was so stressful for both Dude and I. If he didn't get wormed, we'd be kicked out of the stable.

They wanted to sedate him but I suggested trying the other nostril first. The tube went in like a charm. It turns out that one nostril was larger than the other and it must have been hurting, or he couldn't breathe.

Vaquerogirl said...

Your horses look pretty clean actually. When I worm my guys they get wormer all over their lips and their noses, and usually me somewhere, no matter how hard I try or how high I raise their stupid heads. Still and all it sure beats the tubing that the vet used to do eons ago! That was a nasty business !

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow. These are impressive photos, NM. Was your talented son taking them? Excellent shots!

Worming time. What fun...x 3, no less. Good for you keeping up with the challenge, though.
I'd love to read what kinds of wormers you choose to give at certain times of the year and why.

It seems that different parts of the country and various people choose an array of wormers all year.

I'm getting ready to worm my mare soon. Since I've only been a horse owner for 9 months, it's all new to me and very interesting. :)

New Mexico

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

ps...I almost forgot. You know how much I've loved reading your blog for longer than I can remember, right? And you know how much I consider you a friend, right?

Well I've got a little something to give you over at my blog, my dear. Just something to say, thanks for sharing your blog and life with me :)

New Mexico

lytha said...

Funny Gabrielle! BAD Bombay!

Hey, are your neighbors moving?!

That reminds me, I have to do a worming post about horse worming in Germany. Ach, how I suffer.

~lytha in Germany

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

FV - Poor Dude!

VG - I often times make a mess too. It's great when the wormer is a yellow-green color. They look like they've got Kryptonite on their muzzles.

Lisa - Yes, my son did take those pictures. They turned out great. I think I posted wormer info in the past. I do the paste about every 10 weeks, rotating among 3 or 4 types of wormer. And thanks again for the award.

Lytha - No, my neighbors aren't moving. That's the van they used to move in with years ago. They have probably a dozen old junky vehicles piled up on my fenceline including a dump truck, pickup trucks, trailers, campers, and just recently a speedboat. Some people collect stamps. Some people collect vehicles and never drive them.

sue said...

I always have good luck with a worming bit... which by the way.. I plan to use later this week... must be that time of year....

Flying Lily said...

That last picture is hilarious; I've never seen anything like it. Those 2 noses in the air: one being wormed, the other just there for amusement.

Black Jack's Carol said...

I also love that last picture. Two adorable muzzles in one shot. It's amazing how much expression comes through in just that one part of the face.

Jenn said...

My ponies don't put up TOO much of a fight for worming, but they sure do make ugly faces afterwards! I have your "wingspan" problem with every tube of wormer I buy. My hands are just too small to hold the plunger properly so getting the darn thing started is usually a challenge. After I get that bugger started, it's no problemo at all.

Tell your son he takes excellent photos and I love his perspective! Not everyone would think to get underneath the muzzles to get such an insightful shot.

Frances Penwill-Cook said...

Looks like your herd take really well to the poison - wow! Two of mine are not too bad, but my Arab hates it. I started using the 'Easy Wormer' ( and it really helps as I know it will go in the right place and I won't waste any...I have found it really useful, I don't reckon you need it at all but might be helpful for other bloggers to know about. Really enjoy your blog!

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, way to go Gabbrielle, such a good girl. I don't have a single horse that appreciates wormed no matter what kind of silly flavor they try to hide it with.