Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bored Horse Alert

Whenever I put Lostine in the back pen, she paces non-stop. She doesn't like being furthest away from the barn, nor does she like being next to the dogs' yard, even though my dogs are very nice to her.

Since I can count on her to pace in that pen, sometimes I put her back there specifically so that she will exercise herself. The only problem is that she can dig a hole to China with all that pacing. She makes an "L" at the front of the pen on the two sides closest to the barn. Check out this mud path...

Her pen was the only one that had no snow left in it at the end of the day. She heated it up with all that friction.

Bombay got bored being stuck in the round pen all day with the melting snow, so he decided to bust out. He knows that he first has to flip the latch on the outside of the gate handle, but he got his lip a little too high.

Then he has to push the top of the handle to the side. It usually works for him if he can get that latch off, but he didn't have any luck today.

The farrier started trimming the horses' hooves in the round pen in order to keep the other horses from goosing him every time he bends over, but Bombay kept breaking in and making a beeline for the farrier's butt, so we have to remember to keep a stud chain wrapped around the gate. My horses can be so obnoxious, but they do make me laugh.

I didn't get a picture of this, but Gabbrielle kept backing into the fence and encouraging Bombay to undress her. He grabbed the tail flap on her blanket and pulled it forward as far as the leg straps would let it go, so I kept going outside to find Gabbrielle's rump exposed.

Another way that they get into trouble when bored is that the horse on the inside of the round pen and the horse on the outside of the round pen work together to reshape the round pen so that it is no longer round. Sometimes I walk outside to find the panels rearranged into the shape of a star.

Bombay can get quite creative when bored. Sometimes he picks up a stick and plays the chain-link fence like a banjo. One of these days I'm going to have to put a paint brush in Bombay's mouth, hold up a canvas and see if he'll paint me a pretty picture.


Leah Fry said...

Your Bombay sounds like my Jazu — if there's trouble to be found, he'll be the one to find it.

fernvalley01 said...

Made me smile , thanks. They are forever entertaining aren't they?
What about a ball for Lostine? I know sometimes my sil puts one in with her youg ones to keep them busy.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol, NM! You horsie tricksters just made laugh. I can just see them doing all the things you mentioned, too.
That just means they're smart horses with very clever minds.

Baby Doll figured out a way to unlock the metal snap that keeps the chain aound the barn gate closed. I have no idea how she did it, but if I had to explain it, I'd say it had to be akin to tying a knot in a cherry stem! lol!

Happy New Year, NM :)

New Mexico

Cheryl said...

What a character! Isn't it funny how they will find ways to "entertain" themselves?

Shirley said...

That's hilarious! Bombay is using his lips like a hand! They sure can be inventive when they are bored! Beamer likes to toss his toys out of his pen for you to throw back so he can toss 'em out again, etc., etc.!

Andrea said...

I love the picture of Bombay's lips trying to aid him in the escape!! Too cute.

And that is too funny how your horses try to nibble the farrier's bum!! LOL!!

ranchette said...

I love the pictures of the caught in the act gate lock-picking. Your guys are obviously smarter than mine, none of them have figured out how to operate gates yet. Hhhmmm...I am probably just tempting fate by even typing that.