Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Horsey Goals for 2009

What a pleasant surprise it was to have my boss walk into my office to inform me that New Year's Eve is a holiday. You see last week I had a miserable cold (still do to some degree) and I emailed myself in for a sick day on Christmas Eve. He informed me later that I didn't need to do that because Christmas Eve was a holiday. I get confused because our company's personnel manual lists certain days as holidays, but the company doesn't always stick to it depending on what projects are in the works, plus my husband gets completely different holidays than I do.

Of course I was assigned a big task at 4:00 PM yesterday that is due by Monday, so I'll probably either have to work through the weekend or the holiday to get it done anyway since Friday is the only day that isn't a holiday or a weekend. I'll have to check the weather forecast and sort out which days I will work based upon which days will have the worst weather and ground conditions. If I play my cards right, I might get to ride a horse.

With that said, these are my horse goals for 2009:
  • Ride every chance I get since I can't always rely on me and my horses being in good health, having good weather, and having the space needed to ride.
  • Start Gabbrielle under saddle and get some help with it if it's looking like she's confused.
  • Learn a little dressage.
  • Practice a little jumping.
  • Find a trail riding partner and trail ride often.
  • Finish staining the barn.
  • Repaint the paddock fence.
  • Separate the horses during the day (even though it is more work for me) so that they aren't so herd-bound.
  • Continue with the de-spooking exercises. (Bombay and Gabbrielle still haven't let me touch their bodies with a plastic bag.)
  • Continue with the ground training, especially flexing to get softness in the face.
  • Continue watching horse training shows on RFD-TV.
  • Finish reading all those horse training books, preferably before I start Gabbrielle.
That should do it. If I'm still around come next New Year's Eve, I'll review these and see if I met each goal or not.

Happy New Year to all!


Laura said...

That is a good list of goals - I hope you get the chance to work on all of them!

Is there alot of good stuff on RDF-TV? I don't think we can get it in Canada...

Happy New Year - I hope you don't have to work too much. Do you get overtime if you have to work over the weekend??

Cheryl said...

I need to set some goals for myself and our horses! I'll have to think this over. Gigondas will go to my cousin's for the summer, so she'll be ready to ride by October. I'll work with Sunni myself, since he's almost ready. Beauty is ready to ride. I just have to wait until summer to ride her because of my back. The two mustangs need some work and they'll be 3 years old in January. They both lead and tie now and I can pick up their feet. HAPPY NEW YEAR and don't work too hard! When I was a legal secretary, 24 years ago, I NEVER got the day after Christmas or New Year's off or their eves! The attorney did, but I didn't. Ugh! No fun! I feel for you.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Laura - I usually watch Clinton Anderson's Downunder on RFD-TV, and occasionally catch a few other horse or mule training shows, but there is also a lot of junk I'm not interested in such as shows about tractors, trains, outdoor cooking, and country music.

I'm salaried, so I don't get paid overtime.

Cheryl - I'll be rooting for you to be able to ride this summer.

Vaquerogirl said...

I love your list of horsey goals! I'll have to thin k of some goals for myself and Desi and Glacier this year! Good job- I hope you make (most) of them!
Get well soon!

athy said...

"Ride every chance I get ..."
"Find a trail riding partner and trail ride often."

I have a fear problem right now- and I think having a riding partner instead of being alone most of the time with the horses would help a lot. The family isn't into horses and I am an older re-rider. I used to be like a circus performer on the horses in my youth - did hunter/jumper, eventing and endurance at 15.

I have even thought about a craiglist posting. Shame is - I am right on a great trail leading to Lahontan reservoir on the Carson river - and I am afraid to ride it alone.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

VaqueroGirl - Thanks for the well wishes.

Athy - I don't blame you for feeling fear about riding alone. It is dangerous. I wish we lived closer. We could help each other out.

AnnL said...

Good list of goals. I hope you get to ride lots and find a trail riding partner.

Happy New Year!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Athy, I know just how you feel. I have three horses and until Lisa started riding with me I never rode Annie out of the arena. I have since found out what a great little trail horse she seems to be. Frankly, I think she's better outside of the arena, less nervous.

What a list of goals, NM. I wish you all the best in fulfilling them. A lot of them I have as well, like riding more often, more groundwork, especially de-spooking, some minor jumping, trails, reading training books, etc.

Happy New Year!!

Shirley said...

Heck, if I didn't ride alone I'd never get to ride! But I hope you get a good riding partner; it stops being fun if the person you are riding with has no trail manners. Good luck on all your goals, and Happy New Year! Just thought of a trick you can play on your nrighbours- how about a motion sensor alarm that's really loud?

Amanda said...

I especialy like your trailriding goal, that is mine too. That is my main goal for myself and my Annie.

sue said...

I was thinking about "my" list and wondered if I had the courage to post it... because then it makes it real... since you have been so brave, I might chance it and put it up tomorrow....

Happy New Year...

Callie said...

Awesome goals my friend! Happy New Year!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What wonderful goals you have NM. And I hope you reach them all, and even get a few happy surprises thrown in there along the way just for fun :)

Happy New Year my friend!
New Mexico

Andrea said...

What fantastic horse goals!! I need to make some of those. I need to get out and ride. I get so mad at myslef that my three year old is so far behind in training, and it's only my fault. I am just not riding him. I had three kids and lost my nerves about riding colts. Sigh......

And that stinks about your boss. Ugh...more work, just what you wanted for the new year!!