Thursday, December 11, 2008


I walked outside to put the horses in their stalls for the night and found my son taking pictures of the sunset from the top of the haystack.

I tried to take night pictures of the horses with the moon in the background. This one was over Gabbrielle's back, looking at Bombay. He looks like a ghost horse.

This one has the moon over Bombay's neck.

And here's Lostine yelling at me to stop taking pictures and feed her.

I had to cut my experimental photo shoot short, because my nosey neighbors saw our cameras flashing in the night and had to turn on their porch light and come outside to see what was going on. They ruined my lighting, so I called it a night.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! NM, You should have sent your devilish looking Lostine over to harass your annoying neighbors. She'd have had them running afraid back inside. hehe!

Truly, though, those are all some amazing photos. I think it's awesome that your son is taking such a focused (get it?) interest in photography.

I just love that photo of Lostine, though. That just made my night.

Oh! And I've got something fun for you over at my blog, on the "S" post.

New Mexico

Lynn said...

LOL, I love Lostine's expression! Priceless!

Andrea said...

Okay, that picture of Lostine is hilarious!! I love it!! And look at your son all profesional with that tri pod!! Very neat pictures.

I can't believe your neighbors came outside. It's almost as bad as me living next door to my in laws. Urg...never a dull moment that's for sure!!

I am having a great giveaway over at my blog!! It's for some yummy free toffee!! I hope you can stop by and try to get some!! It's the best toffee ever!!

Great pictures!! The moon looks cool!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Too bad about the nosy neighbors. I think the pictures look ethereal.

ranchette said...

I like Lostine's yawn. And, seriously, what's up with those neighbors??

Fantastyk Voyager said...

LOL, I like your son's thumbs up sign!
Nice head shot of Bombay.
You must have some incredibly irritating neighbors!

Vaquerogirl said...

Love the laughing pony!
How adventurous!

lytha said...

aaagh i just want to cry for you. you go out to spend a special moonlit night with your horses, and your neighbors ruin it!! horrible! ah, i have some mighty unchristian thoughts toward them. lord help me.


Laura said...

Cool pictures.

I can't BELIEVE your neighbours. I meant to comment the other day about the lady looking in your window while her dogs peed in your yard. That is just WACKO! So wacko that it deserves ALLCAPS!

Mrs Mom said...

Those shots are neat! Look at your son there. He is really, really getting into this photography stuff!!

Your neighbors would drive me to drink. Seriously. Large amounts.

Lulu said...

That photo of Lostine is FUNNY!! She told you, didn't she!?