Thursday, December 4, 2008


My and my husband's 20th wedding anniversary is coming up in two short weeks. Any ideas on what to get him? I have a few ideas, but am wondering if anyone can come up with something better. The 20th anniversary is represented by china and platinum. I'm not going to buy him a china doll or a platinum blond mistress. For those of you who have already had a 20th wedding anniversary, did you do anything special?


sue said...

our 20th anniversary was spent in Colonial Williamsburg, VA... in one of the colonial houses no less... my hubby spent months planning it, and when he told me we were going.. I had no idea we were staying in one of the houses!!! he left that as a surprise.... colonial Williamsburg is one of our most favorite places in the world!!!! probably not likely you will go there.. but if you ever get the chance it's simply wonderful... and MAJOR congratulations on your wedding anniversary.. 20 years is certainly something to celebrate!!!!!

Andrea said...

Hmmmmm....I just had my 5th wedding anniversary. I guess I have a ways to go until 20.

That is so great! 20 years is remarkable. Congrats to both of you, a bit early.

For my 5th anninversary, my husband snuck me away for a weekend at a Plantation home. We stayed in the acutal house. It was wonderful. We got to go swimming and we toured all sorts of old Plantation homes. It was a great get away.

So, maybe you two could escape for a weekend stay at a bed and breakfast. Something to help you two relax and have some time together!!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I had 25 wonderful years with my husband before he passed away last year. We had some amazing Anniversarys!

One of the best Anniversary presents I ever got was my horse, Annie, who he bought for me 11 years ago. That must have been our 16th. That is how she got her barn name: from Fantastyk Gal to Anni (for Anniversary) to Annie rather than Fanny. hehe

On our 2nd anniversary, he bought me a brand new RX7. Well, we needed a car, mine had just been wrecked.

On another anniversary, we spent several days in the Cayman Islands courtesy of his job, lol.

On our 10th, he bought me an anniversary band with lots of little diamonds.

On our 20th, I bought him a new wedding band with 3 diamonds. Our original wedding bands were purchased when gold was $100+ an ounce so we only got diamond chips.

Hope you enjoy your Anniversary too!

Vaquerogirl said...

I didn't do anything special for the twenty but for twenty five I bought him a Colt Gold-Cup .45!
He loved it!

Jenn said...

We haven't quite reached our 20th yet, but, for our 5th a few years ago we spent our anniversary weekend here:

It was amazing...and we had the whole weekend to ourselves, no kids, no critters, nothing but US.

I know that's a bit far for you guys, but surely there is something similar near you!

ranchette said...

Congratulations on your 20 years! Unfortunately don't have many good gift ideas. Wait, wait! Buy him a pony! Oh wait, that would probably be a present for you? ;)

Mrs Mom said...

Congrats on your Anniversary!!! 20 years- in this day and age, you two are an inspiration. Heres wishing you many, many more, and abundant happiness, joy, and love!

As to gifts.... ummm.... well.... I dont know. Finding the perfect gift for someone really special is always hard for me. Best of luck, but I really bet that you are going to find the perfect gift for your wonderful man!