Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Superior Scribbler Award

Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch gave me this wonderful award. I started blogging one year ago simply because I love to write. It's a compulsion for me. Fortunately, I type around 90 WPM, so I can fire off a lot of gab. For many years, I did most of my writing in journals, but the hand cramps got to me. My husband bought my first computer in college and with the help of my creative writing instructors I put out poems, short stories, plays, essays, and novels. My poetry, short fiction, and essays have been published in literary journals all over the United States and United Kingdom.

I have a map of the U.S. on my wall and record the names of the journals where my works have been published in the corresponding states where each journal originates. I had been competing with my writer friends to see who could fill up all 50 states on their map first. Another poet beat me to it long ago, so now I'm just competing with myself in hopes that I'll have more time to write and publish when I retire.

Over the years I started using my left brain more than my right brain once I moved into the logical and demanding career of software development, and my writing slowly dissipated into an occasional letter to my mother. My son introduced me to blogging, and it has truly been a bright spot in my life over the past year. I want to thank everyone who visits my blogs and keeps in touch through comments and emails. I'd like to pass this award on to the following scribe:

Lytha at A Horse Crazy American in Germany. I really enjoy reading Lytha's insights on the differences between the American and German customs and cultures. Most of these insights appear to be formed from the back of Baasha, her gorgeous Arabian horse. What I really want to know, Lytha, is if you have a German accent, because I swear that I hear it when I read your posts and comments.


Fantastyk Voyager said...

90 words per minute!! That's impressive. I can barely peck out 40, and then I go back and edit...
WOW- that is so cool, being published! You should compile all your writing into a book.

I love reading Lytha's blog too. Good choice!

lytha said...

omgosh thank you so much, and omgosh i laughed so hard, and my husband too - i couldn't have a german accent if i tried! and i have. i should really work harder to learn funny accents.

what i do have is a god-given american accent when i speak german. the germans think it's very cute (or they're clueless and ask me if i'm from great britain or australia, ha!).

thank you for the award! i never get these things! (it's my 2nd so far, and i've been blogging for-e-ver!!!)

my bloggy goals are just the same as yours - an outlet, a diary, and a pleasure to interact with other horse-insane people. i'm also a writer, or i used to be when i had a job, and type almost as fast as you on an american keyboard (oh, for an american keyboard....).

i've only been published once in my life (excluding my technical pubs) - in "endurance news" magazine, the one published by the AERC. i wrote an article about mounted orienteering as endurance's sister sport. i can't read that magazine anymore, cuz i don't do endurance over here - it's totally different and not fun here. and since there's no orienteering, i'm just one of those people out there without a sport, wandering the trails. but i'll find one, i will, someday i'll learn about a german horse sport that will suit me!

i wanted to also say thank you for the documentary-type entry on colic the other day. i have very little experience with colic. baasha has never colicked in the 20 years i've had him. but those pics you took were really enlightening. even the first one, lostine is lying there with her nose all wrinkled, and you recognized it. i've never seen a horse stretch in pain, but that pic was great. also, your idea to use the trailer to get her "moving" - hey that's an idea: ) why not.

anyway, thanks again, i really appreciate it!

~lytha in frozen solid west germany (ha, the mud's frozen!)

Callie said...

Wow! That's some serious typing! I never could type very well. Interesting writing though, map and all. You should post a pic of the map!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lytha - I knew you were from Seattle, but wondered if maybe you picked up a German accent. I usually start talking with a twang if I spend more than 24 hours down south.

Thanks for you comments on the colic pics. I know some people probably felt I was cruel to be taking pictures of my horse while she was in pain and sick, but when I first owned horses people would try to describe how a horse behaves when it colics, but I couldn't picture it. Now the world has pictures. Literally.

lytha said...


To adopt an accent, I think I'd need to be surrounded by people speaking English with a German accent. Like you, if I'm around heavily accented English, I start mimicking it. Unfortunately, my man is the only person here who speaks English to me, and he does it almost accent-free by now. I do pick up his little mistakes, isn't that crummy?

My goal is for my German to sound region-specific. I want people to hear that I've learned German in the state of Nordrhein Westfalen.

My family was a little shocked when they heard how my English has degraded. I even spell and capitalize things funny now. (Fun fact: all nouns in German are capitalized.)

Have a nice weekend, and blog about it: )


Tracey said...

What I want to know you find your handwriting has suffered after all this time hammering out things on the keyboard? I know mine has...

I'd like to see the map, too!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lytha - You just helped me with my job by giving me that piece of information. I'm reviewing capitalization errors in multiple languages on several websites at the moment.

Tracey - My handwriting is horrible. I think it is in part because I use it so rarely now and in part because I developed an essential tremor that is getting worse as I get older. You can see evidence of my hand shaking in my handwriting.

I'll have to think about posting a picture of the map. On one hand, the specifics of it are kind of personal. On the other hand, if I have a picture of it, that can help me recreate it next time my son leans against it and erases most of the journal names with the back of his shirt.