Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Keeping It Real

Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch gifted me with this "Keeping It Real" award. It must be all my talk about farts that led her to think of me. Okay, I shouldn't have said that. I think I just lost half my readers. That's why I usually talk about farts in my comments on other people's sites. It's like I don't want to foul my own nest. I have to say that Lisa has very good taste in music. I usually keep my computer muted, but I happen to have the volume on now because I was watching a video, and the music from Lisa's blog came on. I'm listening to it right now. Great stuff. Anyway, thanks for the award, and heal fast.

I'm exhausted. I just read 72 blog posts. You bloggers are posting like crazy out there. It must be all the snow. You can't do anything else except sit at your computers.

Things have been nuts for me at work and I had guests from out of town. When they left they said, "Maybe someday when you don't have horses you can come visit us."


When am I ever going to not have horses?

They must have had the same thought and asked how long horses live. "Oh, 20 or 30 years."

One guest looked at me sadly and said, "I can't wait that long."

I don't think of my horses as a burden. I'm not interested in traveling. My idea of a great vacation is having an entire week to ride my horses. Better yet, how about an entire life of riding horses? Now you're talkin' about my ultimate dream.

I had a funny thing happen with Gabbrielle tonight. You see I'm tired of the way Bombay spooks at everything. He was my first horse, so when he jumped, I jumped, which ultimately made him a nervous horse. I'm determined not to let Gabbrielle be a spooky girl. So, when I blanket the horses, I'm rather rude about it. I throw the blanket over their backs fast and hard. I let the buckles smack and clang against the side of the stall. Over time the horses got used to this rude ritual and relaxed their nerves.

However, tonight I swung the blanket so high that the buckle hit the aluminum roof above Gabbrielle's head. That was a whole new sound and she spooked, jumping into me as I was swinging my arms up, which resulted in me being scooped up onto her back a bit. My feet came off the ground and I "rode" her as she ran to the mostly closed stall door. I just held still, half-way lying across her back on top of the blanket. She stood at the door, looked around, realized that there was nothing to fear and went back to eating her hay. I hopped off her and attached her blanket. I thought it was probably a good thing she picked me up off my feet, because otherwise she would have stepped on them. It looks like I need to work on getting these horses to stay out of my space, even when they're scared. Silly things happen sometimes.


dp said...

I recently read something in a horse magazine about how to put a blanket on safely. It involved tying the horse, gently unfolding the blanket over his/her back, and quietly reaching around for the buckles while always letting the horse know where you are.

Whatever. I toss blankets on any old way while they are standing around in the paddock. I really don't want my horses to be scared of their blankets, so I take the same approach as you -- the ruder, the better.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

NM, You can leave farty comments anytime on my blog. I don't mind if you foul my nest, too. lol!!

That's what I like about you, my friend. You know how to keep it real. The way you write. You don't sugar coat stuff. You say it the way it is, or the way it happened. I like honesty.
I also like wit and sarcasm, too. See you got it all!

Let her eat cake!!

I hear ya on the people thinking your animals are just a side-thing, some little hobby that must be so awful and chains you to home. bah!

Like you, I'd rather ride my horse or just hang out with my critters outside than fly or drive halfway across the country and deal with all the hassles that come with that.
I used to love traveling and I still might like to take a few trips in the future, but I'm happiest at home.

I know what you mean about the bloggers posting like crazy. All this stuck at home business is causing us to become blog-aholics. lol!

I'm not even going to try to keep track of how many blogs I've visited the last two days. It's keeping me pre-occupied while I have to stay in this CPM on the bed all day long.
I'm probably going to end up with a numb butt and carpal tunnel syndrome, though. lol!

Oh! And wow! You finally rode Gabbrielle! And she did well.
Good for you hanging on until she calmed down, too.
I'm glad neither of you was hurt.

Fartingly yours,

lytha said...

talk about real - anyone needing real should come to nuzzling muzzles for "how to appreciate their own neighbors' quirks after seeing how bad it could be"

and laughing orca for "how to appreciate mobility after experiencing the suffering of being laid-up in continual pain"

your blanket incident reminded me of the other day - i was thrown a surprise when baasha started bolting around his stall while i groomed him because a neighbor parked a car on the "wrong" side of the barn. it completely freaked him out. and he's really old and laid back. i jumped out of his way and said "well, i guess you still have it in you - the ability to keep me on my toes!"

~lytha in 1.5C, RAINY germany!

Leah Fry said...

I'm so with you on the wanting to be home with the horses. I transferred out of a pseudo-glam job so I wouldn't have to travel. Everything I love is right here. Why roam?

deserthorses5 said...

Oh, boy! I hear 'ya about the RELATIVES! Our daughter has NEVER seen our horses until this year. She's afraid of them! She also thinks she's allergic to them. Oh, brother! And, she was shocked to hear that they could live for 30+ years! And vacations? I'm fortunate that I board my horses, but I can only be away from them for about 10 days maximum! That sometimes pisses hubby off, but he wants to go home after 10 days anyway, so it all works out! I've got arrangements with my cousin that should anything happen to me, SHE will take the horses!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Congratulations on your award,you deserve it for really keeping it real.
Wouldn't it be nice to not have to do anything else but hang out with the horses all day and ride whenever you felt like it? Unfortunately, life happens and I can't always get what I want. It's also amazing to me how many un-horsey people think horses are a burden and hold you back from having fun. They just don't understand and there is no sense trying to explain to them why we like doing what we do.

Jenn said...

And that is why they make horsey vacations! Load 'em up, head on out and vacation with your critters!

There are some vacations I'd like to take. I WILL visit Ireland, ride to the hounds in Ireland and take part in one of those week long trail rides across Ireland. And when that happens, I'll find someone to come stay at my farm and farm-sit while we're gone. It can be done, you just can't take spur of the moment vacations. No biggie. But people who don't have many pets or large pets just don't get that.

I've always been pretty rude about blanketing mine, too. They need to stand for anything I do to them, including just slapping that blanket or sheet around.

Andrea said...

"Come and visit when you dont' have horses." That is strange!! It's funny how some people view our hobby as "A lot of work" and we just think it's a lot of fun!!

And wow, great for you sticking with Gabbrielle!! She seems really level headed for a young Arabian!! I am really impressed.

And COngrats on your award!!

Stephanie said...

Ahhh space issues - I had one colt and one rotten gelding that I had to teach that to. Both were equally as ugly.

But we got through it - and I only got kicked once! :)

manker said...

ughs.. the ol' spooking... never experienced much of it on TB mare and quarter horse UNTIL I got Gazi.. my beloved Arabian :) Nuff said...
Sounds like you did well

happy trails
gp in mt.

Lulu said...

I'm with you; who needs a vacation AWAY?? My ideal vacation is simply some quiet time at home. Of course that also means time outside with the horses!!

lytha said...

Yesterday my new father in law told my husband, "She wants to spend 3 thousand euros on a FENCE? Her horse is really old, is that a wise investment? That is an expensive hobby she has!"

I responded later, "It's NOT A HOBBY. It's a lifestyle. Like deciding to have a child. Not a hobby at all." GRRRR.

~lytha, peeved

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I still manage to take vacations even with my horses at home. I just get someone to feed for me while I'm away.