Thursday, January 1, 2009

More Hoof Questions

So, I tried to get the size 0 EasyBoot Epics on Lostine one more time when I wasn't so rushed by a lack of daylight. They are definitely way too small, so I remeasured her hooves and was shocked to find that they increased 1/2 an inch in width and 3/4 of an inch in length! That can't all be moisture. My farrier must not have trimmed them down as much as he did when I took the first measurements in three different stages of growth and averaged them out.

I tried them on Gabbrielle one more time, but made sure the cables were threaded through the catch this time, and they fit her. However, she is only 4-years-old. I'm guessing that her hooves will keep growing. Obviously, hooves are always growing which is why you have to get them trimmed every 8 to 12 weeks, but at what age does a horse's hoof settle into a stable circumference? Gabbrielle is very petite as is. If her hooves are going to stay their current size, I could keep the boots for her. However, I still need boots for Lostine, because she's the horse I will be trail riding most. With her new measurements she should be a size 1.

I am either going to trade in two of the four boots for a size 1, or all four of them for a size 1, assuming that by the time I get Gabbrielle trained under saddle and out on the trails she will be one size larger. I could use the four size ones as both front and back boots for Lostine or just back boots for Bombay in the meantime.

Since my husband bought the boots on Dec. 1st, they are exactly 30-days old right now, and since today is a holiday, the online store where he bought them is closed. I'll have to call tomorrow to see if the store has a 30-day return policy. I know that the manufacturer has a 90-day exchange policy, so I should be okay. It's just a matter of finding out where to send them. It would be nice if I could get a full refund and order a different brand of boots. The first pair of EasyBoots I got for my gelding fit him great and are easy to put on and take off, but it looks like Lostine is a whole different horse who may new a whole different brand of boots.

Now that we are in the new year, I'll wish everyone a happy new year one more time.


Mrs Mom said...

Happy New Year NuzMuz to all of you out there!!

The rough size of hooves stays the same around 4. However, IF something changes, and flare develops, the boot size will change. Which might be why Bombay's hooves are different now- flare can alter size drastically.

Now when it comes to boot use: we suggest folks do NOT use the boots "just because" they are going out on a trail ride- but carry them with you in case the terrain changes and your horse indicates you NEED to use them. Too often boots can cause rubs and become more uncomfortable than not having the boots on at all.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Mrs. Mom - All of that is good to know. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Yes, that is good to know about having them for emergencies. I would like to have a pair as backup.

I don't shoe my horses and just pray that they can handle the little bit of rocky terrain we come across. So far, everything has been fine. Arabians generally have stronger feet than some other breeds. How are your horses?

I talked with my farrier about boots and he seemed to think an 0 would fit. He said that usually only the front feet get them. All my horses have smallish feet although Annie's are bigger than the others.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Fantastyk - My farrier always says my horses' hooves are good and strong. Both Bombay and Gabbrielle have had deep cracks, though, just from toodling around in my D.G. Each brand of boot has a completely different sizing chart. Was your farrier specifically talking about EasyBoots when he said size 0? If you tell me the length and width of the front hooves, I can tell you the sizes for each brand.

Rising Rainbow said...

Well, depending on her bloodlines, some Arabians still grow as late as 8. I would expect if they grow in height and bulk that their feet grow too.

Hope you have a Happy New Year! Give all the equines a pat for me.

Reddunappy said...


Pam Wagoner is wonderful, he has been really friendly every time I have asked him something.

Take a look at his blog and website, he also can help with the boots.

Boa boots seem to be real popular too.

dp said...

I find hoof tracings to be the easiest way to size. Do them on stiff cardboard or the plastic from one of those cheap binders. Then you can overlay them on all of the sizing guides to get the best idea of what will fit.

Love your new look BTW, but it makes my computer overheat like crazy in Firefox. Anyone else have this problem?

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

RR - It does seem like Arabs are always the exceptions. Thanks for letting me know.

Reddunappy - Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check him out.

DP - Hoof tracings is a good idea, because then you don't have to eyeball the ruler. What do you mean by overheat? Is my website taking too long to load or is it causing your computer to do a lot of thinking in the background?

dp said...

No, it doesn't take long to load and doesn't seem to open any weird background processes. But whenever I have your site open for more than a minute my machine gets hot and my fan starts to run like crazy. I'm pretty computer savvy and I see no obvious reason for it...

KD said...

I'm too uncoordinated to get easyboots onto my mare's hooves. I've used the easier on type of boots.... first I used Boa boots, but I had to replace the wire laces too often. Now I use Cavallo Simple Boots which are just held on by velcro. They work very well - the ONLY problem I've had is getting them in deep sand after going thru water, which clogs up the velcro a little. They've never come off through deep mud and have come in handy when we have to cross the slag that the forest department has placed on some of our trails.

Unfortunately, my mare is still tender soled even after 2 years of being barefoot because she lives on sand. Roots or rocks will still bruise her if I'm not careful or put her boots on every ride.

My girl's feet got lots wider after we were barefoot for a year.