Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dressage Saddle for Sale

I bought this dressage saddle years ago as a starter kit, just to see if I'd be interested in riding in a non-western saddle. Since then I've decided that I'm more of a western saddle girl. I've probably only used this saddle three times and don't plan to use it again. Since it's just taking up space on my trailer rack, I've decided to sell it to someone who might use it.

It has no brand name on it. I think it was just a mass manufactured, low-end saddle. I paid around $300 plus shipping for it new, so I'm asking $200 for it, which includes shipping. I have cleaned and conditioned it on a regular basis. I can't tell you much about the tree other than that it is good as new.

It comes with the red pad underneath, stirrup irons, and a girth. This is the girth that came with it, and it turned out to be too small for my Arabs (only 28"), so I put a girth extender on it. The extender is included in the sale.

I'm not sure exactly how to measure the seat, but it measures 16.5" front to back. If I had more hands and measured from the seat back to the button on the side, it is 17.5".

I measured two locations on the inside of the gullet where the width is 6" and 7" to give you an idea of where it might sit on your horse's withers.

The inside of the stirrup irons is about 4.75".

Leave a comment or send me an email at if interested.


Mrs Mom said...

I'd love to have something like that, but I have a feeling it wouldn't fit Sonny Bunz. His back is still changing, building more muscle across the top, and fitting a saddle to him is a royal pain in the tush!!

*sigh*... someday!! ;)

Jenn said...

That looks a whole lot more like a dressage saddle than an AP saddle. Looks like it's in very good condition.

FYI...English saddle are measure a bit differently than Western saddles. The measurement is taken from the gold button on the side of the pommel and back to the center of the cantle, kind of on an angle, so your second measurement of 17.5" is accurate.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Mrs. Mom - I suppose I should say what my return policy would be in case it doesn't fit. A person can return the saddle to me in the same condition as long as they cover shipping expenses in both directions. So, this is the order of how it would go.

1. Buyer mails check.
2. Check clears.
3. I ship saddle to buyer.
4. If buyer wants to return it, she ships it back to me at her expense.
5. I send check to buyer for the amount of her check minus shipping.

Jenn - I totally give up. The first time I did a post on this saddle I said it was a dressage saddle, and several people told me it looks more like an all purpose saddle. I honestly don't remember because I bought it so long ago and didn't retain the paperwork. I thought it was a dressage saddle kit, because at the time I was thinking of taking dressage lessons, so that makes sense. If I get enough people saying it's a dressage saddle, I'll change the information in this ad. Like I said, I know a lot about western saddles, but nothing on the English side. At least with everyone's help, I can get my ad straight before posting it elsewhere. Thanks.

Jackie said...

I agree with Jenn, this is definitely a dressage saddle. And I'm an English rider. I would so love to take you up on this, but unfortunately even a $200 saddle isn't in the budget right now. You sure have kept in great condition. I'm sure somebody will snatch it up.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Thanks, Jackie. I'll go ahead and change the information in this post.

Mrs Mom said...

This is oh so tempting NM! Have to speak to Dear Husband ;)

Andrea said...

I think that is an awesome deal! I think I have the same exact saddle in my tack room. Except it isn't that clean!! I think it's a great price too!! If I already didn't have one, I would be begging my husband for it.