Monday, March 2, 2009

My Manure Pile is Floating Away!

Northern California did share some of its rain with us over here in Northern Nevada. Help! My manure pile is floating away...

And the horses' basketball has floated down river...

But the horses don't care. They've been put into stalls with clean shavings, had all the mud scraped off their hair, and warm blankets wrapped snugly around them.

(It's funny how you can flash a horse in her face with your camera, and she doesn't even flinch, but something as simple as an after dinner belch sends her hightailing it for the mountaintop.) Best of all, they've got their hay.

I had to take night shots because I was forced to give up my lunch break once again in order to work. I tried eating something for lunch, but after reheating it 3 times, it was no longer edible and I had to throw it away. I figured the least I could do was feed the horses, but by the time I got out there they had already been waiting an hour for their lunch. I wasn't about to make them wait for me to clean their stalls before feeding them, so I postponed the stall cleaning until evening. Therefore, by the time I got done with all my horse chores, it was dark outside.

I was just reading a book that talked about how difficult it can be to get a horse to cross water. I was pleased to find Gabbrielle standing in the middle of the deepest puddle blowing bubbles. Lostine didn't mind slogging across it to get to the water trough, but Bombay would only skirt the edges of the puddle. I don't think he was scared. He's just a bit of a priss when it comes to keeping clean and dry. I'm sure that coming across a river is a whole different experience from a puddle in the paddock, but this is a start. This must be where the term "getting your feet wet" originated.


Katharine Swan said...

I'm sure Panama would be just as prissy about the puddle as Bombay, but he's always been very good about water crossings on the trail. So you never know... They just might surprise you. :o)

Jenn said...

Mmm...poop soup!

Even though it was dark out, have you noticed how much longer it's staying light?! I was able to ride and play with my horses until past 6 p.m. last night! Woot!!!! Sixteen more days til spring.....time change this weekend. :P

Callie said...

Hehe! And I thought mine were pampered! I hate it when they're standing in mud and poop!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hah! I know all about multiple reheating of meals deal...and then having to toss it. Bah!

Wow. What a mess with all that water and poop!
I'm grateful that we don't have to create manure piles here. We don't use bedding/shavings, so the manure we do get can just be spread along the fence lines or in the arena. And within a couple weeks it just dries up and breaks down into dirt.
The only time it's nasty is when we get lots of rain or snowmelt...which is rare indeed. lol!


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Ewww, what a mucky mess! I hate having to wade through the manure soup.

It's funny with my horses, they can stand in water in the arena and their stalls all day long when they have to, but on the trails, they will avoid water puddles at all costs.