Friday, April 17, 2009

Crying Over Spilt Water

I've been working long hours including evenings, weekends and holidays due to a project deadline that came and went on Wednesday. I thought I was done with it and could get caught up on the rest of my task list, but it looks like we have more work to do. I have been so busy, mostly sitting in phone conferences hour after hour, that I cannot even get outside to check on my horses.

Throughout the week I've been unable to clean stalls and clean the paddock like I usually do on a daily basis. All this manure has been piling up, and I've got the vet coming out tomorrow. I don't want him to get the impression that I'm not taking care of my horses on a regular basis, so I have to get the mess cleaned up. Also, I've been noting that the water troughs have been getting low, but have never been able to address the problem because I have a meeting in two minutes, or the phone is ringing, or the oven is buzzing, or whatever.

Anyway, I got stuck in a meeting all morning and given a task to do immediately following the meeting. While I was doing the task, over what was supposed to be my lunch break, people kept giving me other tasks that needed to be done right away. Finally, I said, "No more. I'm taking a lunch break."

So, I walked outside to clean up some manure only to find three horses standing over the outdoor water trough, which was tipped over, dry as a bone, and the de-icer had been ripped out and mangled while it was still plugged in! That could have seriously shocked my horses. I was so angry, but not at the horses. They were just thirsty. I was angry with my employer for not giving me any breaks for two weeks straight and still asking for more. Now I am out $80 for a new de-icer.

I got half the paddock cleaned and filled up a fresh water trough, but I still have to clean the stalls and the other half of the paddock. Then I have to groom all the horses since they've been lying in all that poop. I feel like such a rotten horse mom right now, but without my job, I couldn't take care of the horses at all. I just need to make my employer understand that I have responsibilities at home to living beings and their lives depend on me.

P.S. While venting my gripe, a bunch of instant messages, emails, and phone calls came in for me while I had myself marked as "AWAY" for my lunch break. I ignored all of them since they were ignoring the fact that I was on my lunch break. That's the only way I can teach people to respect my free time. Now I have to get back to work and respond to everyone. I'm sure I'll be working well into the evening and weekend again. I've got two week's worth of work that was supposed to be done yesterday.


The D-Meister said...

You definitely need to be treated with more respect, but I'll be able to help out with stuff once I'm home.

Kate said...

Sounds like you really need a break - any possibility to take some time off for you and the beasts soon? I know how hard the work world is this day - I'm retired now and I still find it hard to keep up with what the horses need.

Katharine Swan said...

Ugh. I hear you, NM. I've been a bit overworked and underappreciated lately too, and it's seriously cutting into my horse time as well. Luckily he's in full care so I don't have to worry about the necessities, but that doesn't mean that he's not a pill when I haven't been able to work with him in a while.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

The good news is that I do have some time off coming up. I have to give 2 months' notice to get 5 or more days off and 1 month's notice for 2 to 4 days off, so I asked for 4 days off in a month. Plus when the kids are out of school this summer, I can ask them to take care of some of these chores while I'm working. My biggest problem right now is that no one is home except me all day, so I'm in charge of both the household and my department at the same time, and both need my undivided attention. How close are we getting to cloning grown adults?

Once Upon an Equine said...

Sounds like they are really cracking the whip over you. Sorry about that. Sometimes work interferes with life, but we gotta work to have a life, but then we get dumped on with so much work we feel we have no life. Hang in there.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! Sounds like you are one very important person at work.

That gives you a lot of power, my friend.
Don't let them forget how much they need you....but don't let them forget how much they must respect you, too.

You deserve it.


ps...Now go hug a horse. :)

jen098 said...

I've been poop piling up and the like...Murphey's law states that's when everyone will show up at your place, when the dishes are in the sink and the house smells like muck boots. Usually my horses have rolled in something, and my dogs have rolled in something the horses left for them! At least you could get some of it taken care of, unlike when someone does a "drop by". Ugh...