Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Commute

Here's a post that is a departure from my usual horsey news. When I drive my hour commute between my home and office, this is what I see:

I know, I'm spoiled. Most people look forward to their vacation all year to come here, and I get to work here.

This is Lake Tahoe on a stormy day. Most of the snow had almost melted, and then this storm came in and now we have snow all the way down on the valley floors again. However, we are expecting temperatures in the 70's this weekend and the 80's come Monday, so it all should melt soon.

They are closing down the highway I take to get to work for construction during the month of May. The only two other routes I can take increase my commute to 2 hours one-way. That's a grand total of 4 hours on the road, and most likely 8 to 10 hours in the office. I'm really looking forward to that. (Can you hear my seething sarcasm?)

This is my break room when I am at the office...

I take a catnap in the backseat of my truck and stare up at the towering pine trees while waiting for my brain to shut down enough to sleep. I used to spend my break taking a walk for exercise, but lately I've been working pretty much every waking moment on weekdays, and several hours on the weekends. The only thing that keeps me going is sleep, so I keep a pillow in my truck. I am currently accepting donations of blankets, bottled water, and snuggly stuffed animals... preferrably guinea pigs, bunnies, and horses.


Paint Girl said...

What a beautiful view! I'd love to see that! I get the mountains and a river on my way to work.
That commute coming up for you, how terrible! Nothing like spending your whole time on the road!

Katharine Swan said...

I'm all about the naps. I used to sleep in my car on lunch breaks sometimes too.

I'm jealous of your weekend forecast. It's been raining here all day, which is supposed to turn into snow tomorrow -- and not stop until sometime Saturday. :o(

HorseOfCourse said...

WOW, what a view!
I used to live in the centre of Oslo earlier, and took the motorway to work. It was efficient, but I didn't see the seasonal changes in the landscape. Now I drive on smaller roads, and I enjoy the scenery - even if it doesn't come close to yours!
I can understand that you are looking forward to the extra (total waste of time) hours to get to work...there isn't any way for you to solve it thorugh a more flexible arrangement with your employer during this time?

KD said...

What a beautiful drive ! I like your breakroom, I do the same thing some times - set my cell phone alarm and take a short snooze.

Mrs Mom said...

That is some view there NM. Here's hoping that you don't have to go into the office very often in May!!!

Vaquerogirl said...

Tahoe is my favorite place to go. Hubby and I go there a lot, as a matter of fact we were married on a trail in Zephyr Cove. Yep! That beautiful lake has been the backdrop for my life too! Aren't we just the luckiest girls?

Cheryl Ann said...

Ah...Lake Tahoe is so pretty! Hubby and I love going there, too! What a beautiful place to work! Our neighbors moved down here from South Lake Tahoe.

Lulu said...

It pains me to admit this....but I UNDERSTAND!!!! I've been so exhausted from working before that I've had to pull off of the interstate and sleep. The sad part is that my commute at the time was only 25 miles each way! Now THAT is tired!

I hope you get a break soon!

Andrea said...

Wow, a one hour trip!! That is a long drive to go to work! And I have known many of people to pull over and take naps!! The scenery to and from work is beautiful!! Great pictures!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awwww, I'm just so bummed for you, NM! How long is your commute now? Will your company permit you to work from home more and at the office least for the month of May?
I sure hope so.

But what a view!

I've never been to Lake Tahoe. Certainly on my Bucket List, though. :)