Saturday, April 18, 2009

Results from the Spring Check-Up

This morning the horses had a 9:00 AM ranch call that I set up for them about six weeks ago. You have to book Saturday appointments way in advance. The receptionist said she would call me if the vet could not keep the appointment, and she never called me. So, while I was waiting for the vet to arrive, I managed to clean up the rest of manure, scrub out all the water troughs, and refill them. I checked my watch and it was 9:15. The vet was late.

I went out front to water the pasture and do a few other odd jobs around the property, checked my watch, and it was 9:30. I went inside the house a couple of times to see if anyone had called to say the vet would be late. Nothing. Then I started panicking. I have the bad luck of having receptionists set up appointments for me, but then they forget to record it in their own books. I didn't want to have to wait another six weeks for another Saturday appointment if they screwed up. I called the veterinary clinic, and apparently it was the receptionist's day off, because only their answering service was picking up. I explained the situation, and asked the answering service if they can contact someone to check their books to see if I do indeed have a 9:00 AM appointment.

They connected me with another doctor, who sounded as if I had roused her out of bed, and she checked her books, then called the doctor who was supposed to be at my house. He called me a few minutes later and said that he got hung up looking at his neighbor's horse and was on his way. A few minutes later he arrived at my place and explained that since he lives in a horse neighborhood and everyone knows he's a vet, they just walk over to his house and knock on his door when they have problems. I expressed my irritation over people who take advantage of their neighbors in that way. I've had this appointment set up for six weeks, and everyone knows how I have no spare time to be waiting around. It's one thing if the vet is on an emergency call and it takes precedence over my health maintenance appointment. It's another thing if someone just needs his neighbor to take a looksy at his horse because he seems like he's under the weather.

Anyway, all three horses got a 5-way shot, their West Nile Virus vaccination, and a teeth float. Bombay had some sharp points and hooks, Gabbrielle had some sharp points, but no wolf teeth, and Lostine still has her wave mouth, but it's being managed. The doc took a look at Bombay's cut on his leg. He said it's nothing to worry about, but it did cut a vein, which is why it took so long to stop bleeding.

Bombay was so cute this morning. I knew he would have torn the bandage off during the night, because he just can't resist toying with things. Sure enough, I walked into his stall and found that he had neatly placed the hot pink bandage in a pile right where he stores his manure. He pointed to it with his nose, and then looked at me, then pointed at it again, and looked at me. It was like he was asking me to please take that garbage away.

I had the vet watch Gabbrielle walk, and he wasn't concerned about the wobbly legs. He felt that size-wise and age-wise, she's ready to be ridden. He just told me not to ride her up and down hills yet. So, once her mouth is past being sore from the teeth float, I can get serious about starting her under saddle. Good news all around.


Katharine Swan said...

Hooray for the good news about Gabbrielle! I look forward to updates about her next stage of training. :o)

Panama will be getting his shots done and teeth floated soon, too...

Kate said...

Glad the vet finally made it, and that all is well. We've had our 5-way and West Nile, and next week we do our rabies and strangles. It'll be fun to hear what happens next with Gabbrielle!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Well, you're right it is annoying to wait for vets, farriers etc... but it all worked out in the end with healthy horses, that's the good part.

Blue Eyed Tango said...

I saw you on another blog and thought your name was too cute so I had to check your blog out. Bombay sounds like one of mine (Romeo) with talking to you like he did about taking that garbage away! I laughed out loud when I read it! I cannot believe people take such advantage on your vet. I always thought I would like to live in an equine neighborhood but not with people like that! I'm sure they think their horse is the only one that's important! Have a great Sunday....beautiful Sunday Stills! Luanne

Cheryl Ann said...

Must be spring! My guys all got their shots this week, too! I'm GLAD that is over and they all behaved for Doc! He was only 5 minutes late and I was his only call that afternoon! I don't know what I'll do when he retires!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Bombay is such a character. And some people think that horses don't have interesting personalities. Only horse owners know the truth, eh?

Sorry about the vet fiasco. It was rude of the vet not to stand up to his neighbors and tell them that he already has a professionaly set appointment and that he could get to them when he had free time.

I'm glad to read that all the horses are well, though, and that Gabbrielle is ready to begin the next phase of her saddle journey.


C-ingspots said...

Sorry to be the odd man out here, but I have another perspective for your consideration. I work for an equine veterinarian and being late is just part of the job - everyday. It is not something that is an exact science, say like a dental takes 45 minutes and a suturing takes 15 minutes. Different horses, different procedures, equipment variations, weather, travel time, traffic, finding locations, emergencies, the list goes on and on and on. If the vet arrives generally with an hour of the appointed time, he absolutely is on time in my book. I am always so surprised at how many people do not consider these very many different scenarios that we work with on a daily basis. Patience grasshopper...patience.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

C-ingspots - Of course I know all of that. It's just that this particular vet usually calls or has his receptionist call if he's going to be late due to an emergency, and I knew I was the first appointment of the morning. In the past, I've taken off time from work to wait for a vet only to not have him show up at all because he forgot about the appointment or someone didn't write it in the books. I had to call to see if someone was coming, because I had to be able to schedule my own day. I just wanted some communication.