Friday, April 17, 2009

Thwarted Again

In my post Crying Over Spilt Water, which I just posted today after my miserable efforts to get a lunch break, I talked about how I set out to shovel some manure and ended up dealing with a tipped over water trough and mangled de-icer instead. So, come 5:00 PM I left my desk to attempt to clean up manure again, and walked outside to find this...

Mama, me got bloody nose.
No, Bombay actually had a bloody leg and was pointing it out to me with his nose.

I sighed, put down my fork, and said, "Let's go take care of that." Bombay plodded behind me and followed me out the gate with his head hung low. He's had so many cuts on his legs through the years that he knows the routine. I filled up a bucket with warm water, grabbed the soap and Betadine solution.

Then I found some old Vet Wrap. Isn't it supposed to stick to itself? Well, old Vet Wrap doesn't stick to itself, so I had to break out the duct tape too.

It turned out to be a small cut, but it wouldn't stop bleeding. I know there's nothing in the paddock that he could cut himself on, so I suspect Miss Gabbrielle must be the guilty party. She's going into heat, and Bombay has been pestering her. Her response is to back into him and buck. I've been hollering at her each time I catch her doing that. Bombay gets chastised too for starting it.

What do you think of your pink bandage, Bombay?

Guess how long that dressing stayed on? A grand total of ten minutes! I caught him tearing at it with his teeth, and hollered at him. He walked up to me and stood still, so that I could wrap it up again.

I shoveled as much manure as I could, but still have a ways to go before my paddock is presentable. I guess I'll be waking up extra early tomorrow to finish the job.


Shirley said...

Funny Bombay sticking out his tongue! I figure if there is a way to get in a wreck, the horses will find it!

fernvalley01 said...

Just talking the other night with my sister in law about horse horting themselves, we agree they seem to be able to cut themselves on air! Put them in a padded stall and the would suffocate on the cusions!
Have a better day!

Andrea said...

Horses have a way of finding ways to hurt themselves. It's crazy! I am glad he is fine, and your bandage was excellent!! Loved the duct tape. And, I do think vet wrap is supposed to stick, that must have been some old vet wrap!! LOL!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well Bombay sure has an opinion, eh?

Sheesh! If it's not one thing over there, it's another.
I hope things calm down soon for you, my friend.

But until then, why don't you stop by tomorrow to help Baby Doll celebrate her Sweet 16th birthday. And Nadia's 26th birthday, too!

It's a Pony Party!


Mrs Mom said...

Poor guy! Please give him a pat from me, and tell him to shy away from rotten feisty fillies. They all mean Trouble! ;)

Good luck with the paddock- wish we were closer to come clean it for you...

Leah Fry said...

I think they LOOK for ways to do themselves in!

Molly said...

Oh brother. Very nice pictures. The poop will get scooped today,,, or tomorrow.