Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trimming the Fetlock Feathers

One of this things I did sometime in the past weeks was to shave off the feathers from each of my horses' fetlocks. I have always liked that extra hair hanging off the back of their ankles. It looked pretty to me. Once my neighbor tried to trim Bombay's fetlocks and he had a fit when she brought that vibrating clipper down to his feet. I was afraid she was going to get hurt, so I stopped her and said I liked that feathers and didn't want her to cut them off. She's really big on grooming since her breeding business depends on how well her horses do in shows. You have to clean them up really well to make them shine.

She's always teasing me by telling me that if she got a hold of Bombay he wouldn't look like a goat anymore. I let hair grow all over his face to keep him warm during the winter months, but he does look like a goat with that beard hanging from his jowels. Since the weather warmed up, I did finally shave everyone's beards and decided to do their fetlocks for the sake of cleanliness. That way they won't get mud and ice stuck in those feathers.

Anyway, now that the feathers are gone, I'm kind of liking the way their legs look.


Grey Horse Matters said...

We leave our horses fuzzy and fetlocked for the winter months, but shave it all and neaten them up for the warmer weather. I like them either way, but they do look better trimmed. Nice job on the trim.

Cheryl Ann said...

Nuzz, the lady who boards our horses ALWAYS makes fun of their feathers and "beards"!!! But, I figure...God put them there for a reason, so I'll just leave HER work alone! (hehehehehehe!)
~~Cheryl Ann~~ (besides, none of them have EVER been shaved!)

Amanda said...

I am with you on the feathers, I kinda like them, but the beards are yuk!!

Callie said...

I just had to pluck out all of the burrs on my girls' feathers, not fun, but relatively easy with cooking spray and a comb!

Andrea said...

I cut all the feathers off. I love the clean cut look. I like whiskers gone too. But that is the show girl in me. I always trim up their chin hairs and face hairs and leg hairs each spring. Our 20 year old needs his fetlocks trimmed. His are way out of control!!

Lulu said...

I keep all of my horses trimmed up and looking sharp; even the ones that I don't show. I just love that clean look.

Leah Fry said...

I was surprised that neither of my horses mind the clippers. They are very quiet, but I thought the vibrations might be weird for them. Guess not.

Paint Girl said...

I let mine go natural in the winter, everything grows long! It is so wet here it makes it very difficult to trim. In spring I pull out the clippers and keep them trimmed up til around October. I like them trimmed cuz they look so clean cut :)
By the way, thanks for reminding me that it is time now to give them a good clipping!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well you've seen my black an white over at my place. We get serious snow and wintery weather here, so I let my mare grow all the hair she can to keep her warm and dry. I'm sure if I showed I'd be more particular about trimming, but it's just not a priority. I'm not all that thrilled with the yak-like beard on my girl. It's just not very feminine. lol!

I may try to trim BD's fetlocks when I do her bridle path soon. I bet she'd look amazing. I think the only horses that truly look amazing with fetlocks are the Draft breeds. So pretty!


ps: You asked about the spoonrest over at my place and I replied there, but wanted to make sure you got it.....I was given that cute piggie spoon rest from my friend, June over at http://www.risingsunearthworks.com/ a couple years ago. It makes me giggle seeing it, too. :)

Check her out and tell her Hello from me. You can find her piggy items in her Gallery page. She used to live in New Mexico but moved to Rhode Island. June used to breed, raise and show guinea pigs. Now she focuses on her gorgeous pottery. She's a sweetie.

Oh! And here's the link to her blog, too.

Wheek!! Wheek!!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lisa - Thanks for that information. I sent June an email to see if she could make a couple for me. Thweep! Cooooo!

Katharine Swan said...

The only thing I trim on Panama is his bridle path -- with scissors, since I don't have clippers and am not going to buy them when that's the only thing I'd use them for!

Panama doesn't have much feather on his fetlocks at all during the summer months, though it grows long during the winter. He does get whiskers, but I leave that because they actually use whiskers for sensory purposes, just like cats.

No one has made fun of me yet for leaving him untrimmed, but I don't really care if you do, so go for it. :o) Goat or gelding, I don't show, so to my mind there's no reason to worry about it!