Friday, May 15, 2009

Burglars on the Loose

Okay, I know this is my third post of the day, but I just read in the paper that one of our local feed stores was hit by burglars. The newspaper reported that numerous items were taken, and they specified Carhartt-brand clothing and silver belt buckles. This town used to be so sleepy and safe, and suddenly we have a bunch of criminals in our midst. There have also been numerous vehicle and garage burglaries in a neighborhood near my home. We are planning on cleaning out our garage so that we can at least fit one of our cars in it, and will be sure to keep it closed tight at night. We are also leaving our outdoor lights on at night, and I might have to point our security camera back towards our driveway. Right now I've got it pointing at the pasture, so I can keep an eye on the horses.

Sometimes I buy stuff from the feed stores that I don't even need, just because I want to keep them in business. It astounds me that there are people in the world who have no conscience and can only think of themselves. They take what is not theirs and don't care how it affects other people. A fitness studio we've done business with over the years has been burgled multiple times. It just sickens me to know that so many people who have supported my hobbies are being victimized by these jerks. I hope that when they are caught, the judge comes down on them hard and gives them the maximum sentence. All it takes is one or two bad seeds to ruin an entire community's peace of mind.


Paint Girl said...

I hear ya! We work hard to make a decent living and than you have low life scum that have to steal! We get theft everyday where I work and it just disgusts me! Especially the parents that bring their children into it. I can't stand it!
Stay safe!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

That's terrible!!! It is so sad to see these things happening. I too live in a small town that is very peaceful, except for a couple of trouble makers. And these guys wreak havoc everywhere they go!! There latest was shooting a farmers cattle, killing a bull and a couple others, then setting his round bales on fire and crashing his tractors!!! Come on!! What is going on in their brains, and guess what?? They are walking around as free as birds..

Kate said...

You're not alone - as if that's any consolation! We used to leave our house and cars unlocked - probably not very smart - and didn't have any problems in our neighborhood until the past couple of years when we've had a rash of car break-ins (ours once) and even one home invasion.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

There have always been thieves, but this poor economy, where so many are struggling, seems to breed even more thieves.
I agree that it's really terrible that bad times make some people forget their good honest morals. But your remember all the blatant looting and stealing that went on after Hurricane Katrina.

I sure hope those thieves in your area get caught, and it gives other burglars the message that stealing is not tolerated.