Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time to Play... What's Wrong With That Horse?

I was riding Lostine and she was being er... difficult. I was trying to work on neck reining at the walk, and all she wanted to do was either launch into the lope so that she could buck me off or turn to the center of the round pen and stop to order me off.

When she took off without my cue, I had to do some firm brake checks, and when she stopped without a cue from me, I had to do some firm stomping on the gas pedal. Something was wrong with her, but I wasn't sure what. Any guesses?

Well, she did stop to pee while I was riding her, so I stood in the stirrups and leaned forward. She relaxed a bit after that, but still wasn't behaving like herself.

While I was riding her, I looked over to see Bombay putting on his macho man act of carrying a tire around in his mouth. You can tell he was quite excited about this feat.

I wasn't having any fun riding Lostine and Lostine wasn't having any fun having me riding her, so I dismounted and walked her around a bit. Bombay seemed overly fascinated with Lostine's hind end.


Happy day!

Oh uh, I think I got a little carried away.

Once the mysteries of Lostine's bitchiness and Bombay's tough guy act were solved, Gabbrielle started acting weird. She was following us around like gum stuck to the bottom of Lostine's hoof.

She kept rubbing her muzzle on the horn bag. I thought she was just interested in it because it was new to her. However, she was really getting into it and before I knew it, she was trying to tear into it with her teeth.

Then I remembered that I put some horse treats in there last weekend. Another mystery solved.


Jessie said...

LOL, that picture of Bombay carrying the tire is priceless...

Katharine Swan said...

LOL. Love all the pictures of Bombay making faces! Too funny!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Ha I love those pictures!! It always cracks me up when they do that!!! Hopefully you'll get a better ride with Lostine next time..

HorseOfCourse said...

Hahaha :-D
This was a funny post, NuzzMuzz - and great pictures too, lol!

Paint Girl said...

I just love Bombay playing around! Such a funny horse! I always love his tongue pictures and playing with the tire made me laugh!

Kate said...

Ah - mares in heat! I have several mares, each with different behaviors when in heat - one does become quite grumpy and touchy. Your candid pictures are always wonderful!

Andrea said...

Girl, your horses crack me up!! They have the MOST personality ever!! I love how Bombay is trying to act all macho for the girls!! Dragging around heavy ties!! LOL!! And Gabrielle being so smart finding some treats.

All those pictures of Bombay made me laugh. :) And Lostine, I hope she gets to feeling a bit....uhm....well, nicer in a few days.

manker said...

amazing what we hear.. when we listen :) thanx


Pony Girl said...

Great pictures of your horses being horses....they are particularly beautiful subjects though! ;) I don't have a mare but I see the "mareness" in my sister's sometimes. I have my own set of issues with "appyness." ;)

Callie said...

LMAO! A mare in heat! Yippee! I started U-guard on my mares a month or so ago and didn't have near the bitchiness, settled tummies for some reason it helped!