Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update on the Proposed Motocross Track

The latest newspaper article about the proposed motocross track across from the horse arenas says that the project is now being opposed by various individuals and groups in the community. Interestingly enough, horseback riders were not mentioned. The biggest opponents are the supporters of the animal shelter, which will be right next to the motocross track as well. They worry about the animals being exposed to all that dust and noise. The newspaper's website allows for comments on articles, and it has been interesting watching this thread. It started out quite nasty, with a lot of accusations and bickering, however now I believe that people are settling down and trying to logic it out.

One of the motocross supporters said, "Boo hoo about the animals... they will get over it."

Another person responded, "Typical attitude from the riders: 'Boo hoo' to anyone that's affected. No wonder they aren't liked."

Someone else brought up, "If a track is only open for racing events, it could lead to more widespread off-track riding, as the riders will want to practice. The argument that having a track will reduce the amount of riders on private or public property is disingenuous, at best."

This was in response to the motocross supporters argument that a designated spot for motocross activities will open up the trails for horses, joggers and bicyclists.

I have written my letters arguing against the location. I was careful to only mention the facts, because people are more likely to listen and respect what you have to say if you take the emotion out of it. I do support building a motocross track, just not next to horse arenas and an animal shelter.

I also mentioned the need to keep it as far away from houses as possible. Having had an ATV/motorbike mechanic as a neighbor, I personally grew tired of the engine revving and seeing my windows shaking at all hours of the day and night. The guy also had a knack for starting up an engine the second I placed my foot in the stirrup to mount my horse. It was almost as if he was trying to kill me for sport and entertainment. Fortunately, he has since moved out of the neighborhood. His wife divorced him. I wonder why. I can empathize with anyone who has to live near a motocross track, and if I were a dog living in that animal shelter, I'd probably lose my mind. Poor puppies.

In a separate news event, a woman reported to the police that two men in camouflage uniforms drove onto her property on ATVs and shot her cat. That's going to make the ATV community look really good. Of course, you can't generalize, but a few bad seeds can really ruin it for your sport.

I know that a lot of horse people also ride ATVs. They come in handy on the farm, and some also like to off-road with them for sport. That may be why I haven't heard about a lot of horse enthusiasts objecting to the motocross track. I wish I had the time to be more involved. The biggest argument I'm hearing right now is that there is no better location. There's got to be some place that hasn't been considered yet, and I wish I had the time to hunt it down, but I'm stuck here at my desk, so the best I can do is search the Internet and write letters.


Callie said...

I don't think it's logical to place that near horse properties or an animal shelter. We do have an ATV and it doesn't seem to bother the horses, but the dogs chase it and I have to be careful when using it has I have herding dogs and they try to herd me. However, it is NOT in use by anyone when I'm riding or working with the horses. Too bad about the "jerks" who shot that cat, What the hell is wrong with people, that's a F-ing sociopath that does that. Scary! I think I'd sit out there with a shotgun and wait for the bastards to return and pepper their asses, jerks! You do have some freaky neighbors, I'm so glad we don't. That would drive me bananas!

Katharine Swan said...

Poor kitty! :o(

Hey, I wonder if you should contact the animal shelter, tell them you oppose the motorcross track, and see if they have any recommendations for what else you can do or how you can get the horse community more involved?

Andrea said...

We have a dirt bike track that was built about 10 miles from my house. They built it in the middle of a field with nothing on either side. PERFECT!! They do have competitions there and they never bother us. But we live out in the middle of no where. But the dust does fly when it's windy and dry. I hope they decided to move it out of town a bit. Those poor animals in the shelter.

Paint Girl said...

Having that animal shelter protesting might be a good thing for you. Usually once one group starts something, they won't stop. I don't think a moto cross track should be near an animal shelter either. The animals are already traumatized!
There has to be somewhere else it can be built, that can't be the only site in your area! They always use that as an excuse! "There's no where else to put it!" Whatever!
That is terrible about the cat! If anyone did that to one of ours, my other half would have his shotgun out in a second!

fernvalley01 said...

I am one of the Horse people who has an ATV , though I use it to check fence , move hay etc . I think the difference between farmers/horse people that use ATV's for farm use and off road is RESPECT ,my horses are not afraid of ours ,though I don't tend to come roaring up behind them or rev the engine to spook them , my guys are more likely to chase a quad than run from it . often people that just have thenm as "toys" don't think farther than their own good time and little or no thought is given to the impact of thier choice of location

jane augenstein said...

Oh, how terrible about the kitty! Dumb jerks!!!
Wow, that is awful about the dirt bike track. I hope the animal shelter keeps working at keeping them out. I would hate to have something like that close to me. One of our neighbors used to race dirt bikes and has made trails all over his property, several years ago he would have people out all the time and the roar of them drove me nuts!!! Last year he didn't do that so maybe he has out grown it??? I am hoping so!
We too have an ATV here on the farm but use it to check fence, haul things and sometimes go for a road ride. Gilly and Pokey are used to them. Even when they are close to the fence by the road and some one comes roaring by they don't pay much attention.
I hope they can find someplace else for their track, like way, way out in the country away from houses and people!!!
Good luck!!!
~Jane and Gilly~