Monday, June 22, 2009

A Balanced Weekend

Thanks for your kind thoughts regarding my frustration over having to work yet another holiday weekend. Things turned out pretty well. I managed to get the critical part of my tasks done by noon on Saturday (in addition to helping others get their tasks done) by pushing as hard and as fast as I could. In the afternoon I took Bombay to the Fairgrounds. I wanted to take two horses, like Val suggested, but I couldn't get anyone to go with me, and I'm not totally confident that I can manage two unruly horses in a strange place at once by myself. If I'm working with one of them and the other gets into trouble, I've got my hands full.

Just as has happened in outings past, Bombay instantly got diarrhea because of his nerves. By the time we got there, his hind end and tail were covered in it, not to mention the trailer walls and floor. He was so nervous that he wouldn't let me clean him up. He kept jumping from side to side each time I brought the brush up to his skin. I can brush him all I want at home, but even the most familiar objects were horse-eating monsters at the Fairgrounds.

It was breezy at my house, but downright windy at the Fairgrounds. Plus they had a horse show going on. Bombay was uptight about the loudspeaker at the show and the other horses, so I cut him loose in the one arena that no one was using. Someone had placed a trashcan with plastic lining right next to the gate I had to lead him through, and the wind was rattling it. Bombay bolted a wide wake around it as soon as I opened the gate. Ironically, there was a racket coming from the motocross track, but it was all background noise to him. I managed to get some pictures of the new track. You can see there are a few trucks with trailers out there.

It turns out that it is not directly across the street from the horse arena, but more at the corner. Here's one shot in the direction of the motocross track.

And here's another shot standing in the same place at Bombay in the riding arena.

It's plenty noisy, but the horses can't actually see the vehicles, because the track is up over a rise. I was mostly worried about a motorcycle popping up into the air after going over a jump, and spooking my horses while I'm riding. I don't think that will happen. It's just more of a noise nuisance.

It was really windy. If you don't believe me, take a look at this next picture.

Did I make you laugh? If not, that's okay because I made myself laugh.

I think Bombay was laughing too.

After the horse show ended and a parade of horse trailers rolled past, Bombay looked longingly at our trailer, missing his buddies back home.

When we got home, Lostine planted herself in a corner and tried to hide. She was worried that she was next.

However, Bombay and I were buddies in a more relaxed manner once I returned him to his herd.

Stay tuned to hear about our visit to the Fairgrounds on Sunday.


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Rofl about that pee stretch! He looks great! Did he run much or just check things out? It's too bad you didn't bring Lostine too. I'm sure they would have had a blast running around.
Did you ride Bombay? How did that go?

RiverBend Farm said...

You will never know how much I needed that's been one of those nights...Oh, Lordy! that arena looks nice except for the noise and flapping objects.
What ever happened to the disappearing employee at work?

manker said...

very sweet muzzle shot... there :)
we have the "winds of whitehall" here all the time... depending on where you go (or choose not to!) ... since some places are hard to maintain the "full and upright".

glad you got some horsey time in. Most important !!!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Val - I didn't ride on this day, but I did the next. Bombay ran around at first, but eventually just rolled in the dirt and watched the other horses at the show.

RiverBend - It turned out that something happened and the employee had to take off for California to see some family, and I guess he neglected to inform his supervisor. But he's okay and back at work.

gp - Ah, thanks for letting me know about your winds. I should probably do a post asking people to leave comments telling me about typical weather patterns in their area, so I can be more educated when it comes time to move.

Paint Girl said...

Ha Ha! You made me laugh! That was just too hilarious.
I am glad to see you got Bombay out to the arena. I am also glad the motocross track wasn't as bad as feared! There already was a lot of commotion going on there!
Lostine looked so cute, tucked in the corner, not wanting to be next...

Katharine Swan said...

Love the pee shot! LOL! I guess no one ever told Bombay not to pee into the wind... ;o)

He looks gorgeous in that picture where he's stretching to look at something. Wow! I guess I can't think of Bombay as just "the funny one" anymore -- he's too beautiful to be marginalized like that. :o)

Just curious -- do you think the disappearing employee neglected to inform his supervisor because he knew they'd say no? I could totally see that happening, from what you've told us about your job.

Andrea said...

Boy it sure looked windy. LOL that was funny!! And I am glad you got a chance to take Bombay out to the fairgrounds and let him just experience the different noises. My older gelding gets nervous just like Bombay does. I put him on probiotics and it helped a lot with the runny poop. Also when we take him to rodeos we give him just a small amount of Ace to help calm his nerves. And it works. The Ace only lasts for a hour and a half and that is just enough time for our gelding to calm his nerves. I know what most people think, but it has helped out our gelding a lot. He went from runny poop and pacing and calling to other horses. To saine normal horse. And there are some times when we don't Ace him at all. I am not saying to Ace your horse, I was just letting you know what worked for us. :)

Kate said...

Great pictures! That looks like just what he needed - hanging out in a strange place. Hope it helped him get used to things!

Leah Fry said...

That pee shot was great, and yes, it made me LOL! Poor Bombay probably needed a bath after all that pooping and peeing all over himself.

Why do you think he gets so nervous?

Laura said...

Glad to hear that you were able to get some time to yourself this weekend. That second picture of Bombay in the wind cracked me up!

Looking forward to hearing about day 2 at the fairgrounds - hope everything went ok!

Breathe said...

Great picture! Glad you got out and about...

lytha said...

i'll say it again, bombay is WUNDERSCHOEN!


photogchic said...

Just peeing in the wind! Love that pic:-) Is the farigrounds close? If so, heading over a couple times during the week to get him used to it may help. Such a pretty boy.