Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Listen to Your Intuition

Intuition. What is it? Is it the smartest part of ourselves, just buried very deep within us? Is is the voice of our guardian angel? The voice of God? The voices of loved ones who have passed to the other side? Or is it just logic that we ignored that has come back to bite us?

I have been taught more than once to pay attention to those nagging little voices in my head, yet still I blow them off on a regular basis and pay for it later. It's that rush, rush, rush lifestyle of mine. I get into overload mode, and then the little voices start hassling me to do one more thing to prevent a problem, and I throw my hands in the air, and say ENOUGH! I can only do so many things at once. This will have to be dealt with later... but later is always too late.

What happened this time? Well, over the past few weeks, each time that I went into the horses' stalls to muck them or clean out their water troughs, I heard a little voice warning me that I need to take the winter blankets out of the stalls. I have them hanging on one wall of each stall. Even though all the horses are good about not trying to eat or rip or play with their blankets, the voice was telling me that the blankets are a hazard. Yet I'd get so busy with my other tasks that I'd either choose to deal with the blankets later, or I'd forget about the warning all together.

Still the voice was persistent. On one day it specifically pointed out a leg strap that was hanging like a noose. I quickly folded the strap into the material and went on my way. The phone is always ringing, the oven and dryer buzzers are always buzzing, and someone is always calling my name. Elsewhere is always where I have to be.

So, this morning I couldn't sleep. The voices were nagging me again. I got up at 4:30 AM and started work, but I hit a major block in my tasks and found myself having to wait for someone else to get into the office to fix the problem so that I could do my job. In the meantime, I went outside to let the horses out of their stalls early.

I heard a commotion coming from Bombay's stall and instantly knew that he was trapped in a leg strap of a blanket that was attached to his stall wall. I opened his stall, and saw that he ripped the blanket right off its hook, and the leg strap was wrapped tightly around his pastern. He had puffed himself up to be the size of an elephant and was jumping all around inside his stall, with this blanket jumping behind him like a cheetah lunging at his leg.

I kept saying whoa until he held still. I knew I should have taken the time to go back for his halter, but I didn't want him to have to suffer through another minute of this predicament, so I slowly worked my way toward him and asked him to lift his leg. Of course, he refused. I could feel his nerves and knew he was about to explode, so I quickly pulled the strap down in such a way that if he took a step, he should step out of it. I then stepped back and gave him room to move, and he did step out of it.

Fortunately, he had no injuries beyond his mental anguish. Obviously, I made it priority at that point to remove each blanket from each stall. I plan to give them a good washing and sew up the part that Bombay ripped. Sewing horse blankets is one of my least favorite activities. I can never seem to come away from it without bloody fingers despite stuffing thimbles on them. It seems I've been having to apologize to Bombay a lot lately for my own stupidity. Fortunately, he is a very forgiving horse.


Andrea said...

Those voices nag us somtimes but aren't they helpful? I wonder why it is, we ignore them all the time. I am glad Bombay is alright!!

fernvalley01 said...

Good lesson ,that ended well. At least it was not a serious as it could have been.

manker said...

yup.. those voices i've called "g-dinstincts"... listen as well as you hear... good lessons

glad all is well G-d was still watching over ya!

AareneX said...

At our house we call those "postcards from God": easy to ignore, but geez, so easy to read!

I've tried to be diligent about "reading" these postcards because they can almost save me from some disaster, large or small, but it's harder than it sounds....

When I taught karate and self defense (many yonks ago) I'd always tell students that the best place to be in a disaster is on the other side of town...and that if they *think* something is wrong, it usually is. Same things with recurring "I should do THIS" thoughts...probably, the action is more important than it appears if you keep thinking it!

Then, if you do(whatever it is), the thought disappears so you never learn what disaster you've averted, so you don't have that Big Lesson thing. Sigh.

I'm glad that Bombay is okay!

lytha said...

now that i feel like i know bombay, i think i know how this happened. he was bored and turned that blanket into a plaything.

i can't imagine trying to bombay-proof our place. it would take weeks and lots of money.

so glad he's ok. WHEW!


Katharine Swan said...

I'm so glad Bombay is all right! I'm sure he probably doesn't even realize there is anything to forgive -- with his personality, he probably thinks the blanket tried to mug him. :o)

allhorsestuff said...

Oh man, I am sooo happy it turned out this way today for you!! What a scarey scarey thing for horse and human! Take a sigh!

I recently did the same(ignor the prompting viual of shipping boots by my stall door) and though it only cost me $300 for the could have cost me my mare's leg and not riding anymore with her! I like Aarene's "Postcards from God"
Let's read and take heed!

Kritter Keeper said...

i always tell myself that is my guardian angel giving me warnings, advice or suggestions. glad your horse is ok.

Reddunappy said...

Ah yes that nagging voice has saved me lots of times! and when I ignore it or put it off, bad things happen!

Paint Girl said...

How scary that must have been for Bombay, I am so glad he didn't get hurt!
I also do know what you mean about those instincts! If only we all listened to them more often, less bad things would happen!

Sydney said...

Those nagging voices are there for a reason. I tend to blow them off more than I should sometimes.

Kate said...

Glad that Bombay and you are both OK! It's funny how those quiet voices try to help us and sometimes we're slow to listen - it's easy to get distracted with all we have going on in our lives!

Leah Fry said...

Hope he doesn't hold the memory of the horse eating blanket come next winter. It's always something, isn't it?

City girl turned Country Girl said...

I'm so glad Bombay is OK!! Good thing you went out when you did!!